Program Outcomes

The Master of Arts Learning Disabilities Program produces candidates who are:
  1. Qualified to teach subject matter;
  2. Competent in pedagogical knowledge;
  3. Caring professionals;
  4. Technologically proficient;
  5. Culturally responsive to the diverse needs of students;
  6. Reflective about what they have learned and what they need to learn;
  7. Obtain certification as Teacher of Students with Disabilities or Learning Disabilities Teacher- Consultant.
Educational Objectives
Upon completion of the Master of Arts in Learning Disabilities the candidate will:
  1. Be knowledgeable about current trends in special education;
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in assisting students to gain access to the general education classroom;
  3. Incorporate technology into their professional practice;
  4. Be knowledgeable about best practices in inclusive education;
  5. Incorporate in lesson plans the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards and the Core Common State Standards in Literacy and Math.