Program Outcomes

The Master of Arts for Certified Teachers Program produces candidates who are:

  1. Qualified to teach their subject matter;
  2. Competent in pedagogy;
  3. Caring professionals;
  4. Technologically proficient;
  5. Culturally responsive to the needs of diverse learners;
  6. Reflective practitioners who embrace the concept of lifelong learning;
  7. Prepared to be a specialist (English as a Second Language, Literacy/Reading, Instructional Technology, Teacher of Students with Disabilities, or Mathematics Education), or a generalist (Professional Studies).
  8. Prepared to be certified as a supervisor in New Jersey.
Educational Objectives:
Upon completion of the program the leadership candidate will:
  1. Continue to grow as professionals who can address the diversity of the student population;
  2. Continue to develop as a teacher leader within the educational community;
  3. Implement advanced and current research-based best practices to increase achievement of all students;
  4. Continue to demonstrate the InTASC standards in performance, essential knowledge, and disposition;
  5. Continue to develop and deliver instruction that incorporates the Common Core State Standards, NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards, and subject specific standards;
  6. Use advanced methods of assessment and data analysis to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students.