Orton-Gillingham Teacher FDU Certificate

Fairleigh Dickinson offers a variety of programs, described below, which train teachers in the use of the Orton Gillingham approach, an explicit, direct, multisensory structured, phonetic approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling. The Language Tool Kit is the specific curriculum presented. Extensive and supervised practicum are an essential component of each program.

Orton Gillingham Teacher FDU Certificate (12 credits)

This program is accredited at the IMSLEC Teaching Level. The International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) provides national accreditation to programs that prepare specialists in multisensory structured language education.

Specialization (12 credits) *
EDUC6601 Multisensory Reading I 3
EDUC6602 Multisensory Reading II 3
EDUC7603 Multisensory Reading III 3
EDUC7604 Multisensory Reading IV 3

* A student must earn a B+ or better in the clinical component of each multisensory reading course to proceed to the next course.

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