New Jersey State Literacy/Reading Specialist & Supervisor Certification/Endorsement


This 36-credit program is designed to develop teachers to become leaders in the field of literacy and reading. The Literacy/Reading Specialist program is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education for a second Endorsement/Certification license as a Reading Specialist and for Supervisor Certification. Candidates are required to have two (2) years successful teaching to earn Reading Specialist Endorsement/Certification and three (3) years to earn Supervisor Certification.

A reading specialist is one who conducts in-service training of teachers and administrators.  The reading specialist also coordinates instruction for individuals or groups of students having difficulty learning to read; diagnoses the nature and causes of student difficulties in learning to read; plans developmental programs in reading for students; recommends methods and materials to be used in district reading programs and contributes to the evaluation of the reading achievement of students.

Emphasis is placed on the reading specialist in interpretation of test data as a basis for collaborative planning and implementation of individual student improvement plans and through the implementation of effective literacy strategies and curricula for correcting individual student reading problems.  Candidates are also trained in Response to Intervention (RTI) strategies within two (2) practicum courses.

This Literacy/Reading Specialist Program will inform candidates about recent research in the field and about new developments in theory and practice to be implemented in the classroom. The candidates practice becoming a researcher by applying the most current standards and information from the International Reading Association, the best practices in classroom settings, as well as in supervised reading practicum clinical settings. All courses are aligned to meet New Jersey State Language Art/Literacy Standards and to develop higher literacy achievement for a diverse population of students. Technology is an integral part of the literacy program and shows how teachers can promote literacy through the use of technology, including visual tools, computers, software and websites.

In this program candidates will hone their own literacy/reading knowledge by learning what research says about a balanced reading approach, including: 1) phonological, phonemic awareness and the importance of automaticity; 2) selection of appropriate, real literature and leveled texts to motivate, instruct and create lifelong readers; 3) development of specific reading comprehension skills, vocabulary and fluency development; and 4) exploration and use of informal alternative assessment instruments and multiple measures to inform instruction.

In addition, the candidate with three (3) years of successful teaching will earn a New Jersey Supervisor License and learn how models of supervisory leadership and their practical application can help coach teachers, child-study teams, schools and the community to work together for the benefit of improving all the children’s listening, speaking, reading, writing and viewing skills.

Finally, for individuals who do not need state endorsement but want to learn more about current literacy research, balanced reading approaches and specific reading strategies, there is an alternative 18-credit FDU Certificate that will provide K-12 classroom teachers with a concentration of courses that will extend their knowledge and skills in language arts, literacy and reading, as well as in applications of effective strategies in their classrooms to enhance student literacy as a foundation for all other content areas and learning.


New Jersey State Literacy/Reading Specialist Certification/Endorsement & Supervisor Certification (36 credits)


Integrating Litaracy & Technology Across the Curriculum



Foundations in Reading I



Foundations in Reading II



Diagnosis of Reading Problems



Supervised Practicum in Correction of Reading Problems



Supervised Practicum in Reading



Distance Learning & Children’s Literature



Supervision of Instruction: Personnel Evaluation



Curriculum/Program Evaluation and Student Assessment



Master's Seminar: Research in Specialization (Literacy/Reading)


EDUC6702 *

Curriculum and Instruction: Theory and Practice


EDUC6704 *

Change: Curriculum Development & Program Improvement


* Candidates who already hold a Master’s Degree have the option not to take these courses to obtain a Supervisor’s Certification and in turn, complete the program in 30 credits


Admission Requirements:

All candidates who want to be considered for admission must meet the following criteria:

  • Evidence of a standard New Jersey teaching license
  • Transcripts with a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation
  • Evidence of successful completion of Praxis Exam

Note: Candidates for New Jersey Reading Specialist Certification, FDU Certificate, and/or the Master of Arts in Education for Certified Teachers are responsible for obtaining academic advising, following the approved plan of courses, and maintaining academic standing in accordance with the School of Education and Fairleigh Dickinson University Bulletin and policy.


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