Distinguished Lecture Series

Recognizing the value of experienced professionals and experts, practitioners from all spectrums of the criminal justice system frequent the classrooms of the Metropolitan campus.  Examples of the hundreds of professionals that shared their expertise and real-life experiences are the men and women from:

U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation Medical Examiner’s Office
U.S. Customs NJ Department of Corrections
U.S. Marshall Service Straight and Narrow Drug Rehabilitation Center
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration N.J. Prosecutors and Public Defenders
U.S. Treasury N.J. Department of Probation
U.S. Postal Service Polygraph Examiners
U.S. Probation Computer Forensic Examiners
U.S. Parole Megan’s Law Advocates
New York City Police Department Political Action Committee Representatives
Division of Youth and Family Services Convicted Felons and Prison Inmates
Superior Court Justices Municipal Police Officers