Degree Requirements

The program requires a total of 36 credits, equaling a total of 12 courses (3 credits each). The core curriculum, which consists of 18 credits, is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system, including methods of conducting academic research and statistics and data analysis. The remaining 18 credits afford students the opportunity to select courses that meet their areas of interest and specialization.

Required Courses

The following six (6) courses (18 credits) represent the core curriculum for the Masters in Criminal Justice and are required of all students in the program.

CRIM6000     Professional Seminar in Criminal Justice 
CRIM6005     Advanced Criminological Theory  
CRIM6010     U.S. Constitution, Public Policy and Criminal Justice 
CRIM6025     Social Science Research Methods
CRIM8000     Critical Analysis of Criminal Justice

Elective Courses

Students can choose from any of the following courses in fulfilling their remaining 18 credits. All elective course selections must be made in consultation with the academic advisor.

CRIM7020     Ethics, Politics, and Justice
CRIM7025     Comparative Criminal Justice Systems 
CRIM7030     Principles of Leadership  
CRIM7060     Social Justice Advocacy 
CRIM7065     Crime, Victimology, and Risk Reduction 
CRIM7080     Selected Studies
CRIM7085     Adv Internshp in Crim Justice
CRIM7090     Professional Development Seminar

Professional Seminar in Criminal Justice (CRIM 6000) must be taken within a student’s first 3-9 credits of graduate courses. It is recommended that students take Statistics and Data Analysis (CRIM 6020) before taking Research Methods (CRIM 6015)