Criminal Justice Internship Program

The School of Criminal Justice, Political Science and International Affairs Internship Program serves to bridge theory with clinical and practical experiences within the various components of the criminal justice system.  The Criminal Justice Internship Program has partnered with over 115 Federal, State, and local criminal justice agencies, as well as with numerous private, non-profit, and non-governmental organizations.

Beyond traditional internships within police and law enforcement, courts and adjudication, and the greater correctional system, customized internships have been developed for students possessing specialized needs or interests in areas such as drug counseling, law firms, rape crisis, private security, animal humane enforcement, forensic laboratories, and forensic psychologists.

Examples of internships experienced by students have been with:

U.S. Attorney New Jersey State Police Forensics Laboratory
U.S. Customs New Jersey State Senators
U.S. Secret Service New Jersey Department of Corrections
U.S. Probation New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration New Jersey Office of Victim Witness Units
U.S. Postal Inspectors New York Police Department
New Jersey Office of Public Defender New York Superior Courts
New Jersey Parole Board Forensic Psychologists
New Jersey Prosecutor’s Office (numerous) Essex County Legal Services
New Jersey State Police Morris County Department of Social Services

For further information regarding internship and advanced internship opportunities, please contact Dr. James Kenny at