Degree Requirements - M.A. Political Science

The Master of Arts in Political Science requires satisfactory completion of 33 credits. This consists of 12 credits in Required Courses and 21 credits in Pre-Approved Graduate Electives.

The following four (4) courses (12) credits represent the core curriculum for the Masters in Political Science and are required of all students in this program.

CRIM6025 Social Science Research Methods

POLS7820 Models of Political Systems

POLS7826 Politics of Public Policy

POLS6800 Masters Research or Comprehensive Examination

Selected Studies in Political Science

Elective Courses

Students can choose from any of the following courses in fulfilling their remaining 21 credits. All elective course selections must be made in consultation with an academic advisor. Courses are interdisciplinary, consisting of the political science, history and criminal justice fields respectively. Elective courses are also flexible to the students’ particular interest(s) in International relations and the UN, International Justice Studies, and the American Government and Politics.