School of Criminal Justice, Political Science, and International Studies

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Welcome to Fairleigh Dickinson University’s School of Criminal Justice, Political Science, & International Studies. Given the interdisciplinary nature of criminal justice, political science, and international affairs, our school offers a broad range of disciplinary specific and interdisciplinary courses and programs that incorporate the study and origin of social order and control, domestic and international political systems, crime and criminology, the United States Constitution and government, civil and criminal law, human and civil rights, terrorism, and matters of public policy.

Students studying any of these disciplines will have the benefit of a diverse and interdisciplinary faculty with broad range of experiences and specializations. Some of these include criminologists, criminalists, political scientists, forensic psychologists, counsellors, judges, prosecutors, public defenders, federal agents, ambassadors and diplomats, and a wide variety of practicing professionals from local, state, federal, and international agencies. Students interested in a major or minor in any of these areas can access the following links to:

Criminal Justice

Political Science

International Affairs

Common to these three disciplines are programmatic learning outcomes that focus on developing competency in the areas of knowledge and understanding, effective communication, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, ethical and principled behavior, social research, and professional development. In addition to developing these sought after skills sets and competencies, the School focuses on preparing students on securing careers and continuing onto graduate and law school.

Recognizing the importance of selecting the right school and program is a critically important decision. As such, please do not hesitate to call or write Assistant Director Patrick Reynolds ( or Dr. Samuel Raphalides ( for further information.


Samuel Raphalides, Ph.D
Interim Director 
Voice: (201) 692-2413