Lab Assistants

Graduate Staffers (GS') and Lab Assistants (LA's) are the mainstay of the work force for the computer labs of the School.  The School hires a number of each in order to fill the staffing requirements of our three “student use” type computer labs in Becton & Muscarelle Halls. Typically, this means that in order to have complete coverage of the labs during their scheduled hours, that the School hires anywhere from 5 to 8 graduate staffers and/or lab assistants for a given semester.

As mentioned on the previous page, we tend to get about 40 resumes per semester. This means that we may not get back to everyone who submits a resume, even though we make every attempt to do so.

What is considered important for potential applicants?

First, the main function of a lab assistant is to perform routine tasks around the lab. These include: cleaning the lab (sweeping, washing desktop surfaces, cleaning monitors, taking out the trash, filling the printers with paper, etc.), opening & closing the lab, monitoring the lab to prevent loss (theft or damage of equipment), and that the environment is generally clean and orderly. If you do not like the thought of performing the aforementioned tasks, then being a lab assistant is not for you! We are looking for individuals who consider responsibility one of their best traits.

Second, the next things we consider important for all applicants are: their ability to program (C++, C#, JAVA, Visual Basic), familiarity with client-server infrastructure, the ability to use standard desktop applications, the ability to use engineering applications, and their ability to communicate clearly with others.

In the interest of fairness, we tend to hire both graduate level and undergraduate level lab assistants equally. (Even though the graduate level applicants may have more work experience.)

If you have an interest in working as a lab assistant, please submit your resume with a cover letter stating the following:

  • The degree program you are currently enrolled in.
  • Your student ID number.
  • Which semester(s) you are seeking employment for.
  • The reason(s) you are interested in working in the labs.

There are TWO laboratory directors working for the School of Computer Sciences and Engineering.

Mr. Tayfun Altuntas is the Lab Director for Computer Sciences, and Mr. Reji Joseph is the Lab Director for Engineering. It is very important that you submit your resume to the proper person for review.

For Computer Science minded applicants, please e-mail you resume, cover letter, and recommendation letter(s) in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format to:

For Engineering minded applicants, please e-mail you resume, cover letter, and recommendation letter(s) in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format to:

Otherwise, please send your application package for the appropriate area of interest to:

Tayfun Altuntas
Laboratory Director for Computer Science
1000 River Rd
Mail Stop: T-BE2-01
Teaneck, NJ 07666

Reji Joseph
Laboratory Director for Engineering
1000 River Rd
Mail Stop: T-MU1-01
Teaneck, NJ 07666