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UG Research Projects - The ASME Bulk Material Transporter

The ASME Bulk Material Transporter, code-named the ASCENT, was built by a team of four freshmen for the 2004-2005 American Society of Mechanical Engineers, National Student Design Contest. The competition challenged a team of a maximum of four undergraduate students to design and build a robotic vehicle that would transport and deliver large amounts of any material to areas that were inaccessible to human beings. The competition involved designing a vehicle that climbed three flights of stairs, made a 90 degree turn before dumping the material it carried and returning to its starting position. Every team was then given an unlimited amount of rice and a ten-minute time span. The team that delivered the largest mass of rice won the competition.

FDU's entry faced 17 other teams from 10 of the finest Engineering programs in the region, and finished in an astounding fourth position. In addition to this laudable achievement, the FDU team also produced the best vehicle weight to mass of delivered material ratio rather unique engineering accomplishment.

The competition tested the team's ability to grapple with real-world engineering constraints, conquer them and produce a workable design while maintaining their academic standing.

The ASME Bulk Material Transporter Program advisor

Lewis, Melvin
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