UG Research Projects - The MCAA Student Chapter Contest

As an attempt to both developing the Engineering and management skills of its students, FDU has since 2004 engaged in the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) Student Chapter Contest.

The Student Chapter contest, that takes place every year, is a challenge that provokes teams of engineering students to develop and submit a design and cost report for the mechanical construction of a fictitious building that the events organizers present. The teams are typically given a 3 month time frame in which the students are to divide the task of putting such a proposal together and thereby complete an efficient bid for the proposal. The teams are then judged in terms of cost, viability and attention to detail. The top four teams that emerge from the initial bid submission process are then invited to present their proposal at the MCAA annual convention, where the top three winners are selected.

Teams from FDU have successfully completed and submitted proposals for the past three years and another team is gearing up for this year's competition.

In addition to this, the Mechanical Contractors Association of New Jersey (MCA-NJ) has been gracious enough to provide FDU with annual grants for the development of industry-centered Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) programs.

The MCAA Student Chapter Contest program advisor

Marzi Azar
Assistant Professor of Civil and Construction Engineering Technology
Phone: 201-692-2353