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Fairleigh Dickinson University's (FDUs) School of Computer Sciences and Engineering has been conducting an innovative outreach program for the purpose of inducing college-bound high school students in a career in Mechanical Engineering Technology, with Mechanical Contracting as a specialty.

What does the outreach program entail?: The purpose of this outreach program is introducing students to mechanical engineering technology in general and mechanical contracting (HVAC, steam and product piping) in particular. The activities include classroom instruction (via PowerPoint slides and handouts), commercially prepared video tapes, lab demonstrations and simple experiments

There will be no quizzes or exams. Students are expected to complete experiments and projects and submit lab reports. A certificate of attendance will be issued to students who complete the 10 week program.

The program has been generously funded by the Mechanical Contractors Association of New Jersey (MCA-NJ).


2015 MCAA Hawaii Conference

In the 2014 Competition, Fairleigh Dickinson University was 5th in the nation. As a school, we attended the National Conference in Hawaii. At this 4 day conference, students were allowed to network with each other and with national companies they might not otherwise have a chance to meet.

Pictured are the 5 members of the team who were chosen to attend, along with Phillip Petillo – Education Director of MCANJ.

2.jpgAt the conference, while FDU did not present. we did get to watch all of the top-4 presentations and see what they did, what they did differently, and how they are judged at this final level of the competition.


Golf Outing – September 29 2015

Chapter raised about $1200 on MCAA Golf Outing fundraising event. This money will help to cover some of the expenses for MCAA National Convention in Orlando, FL in March 2016.


Student Chapter Summit– October 1-3 2015

In Cleveland, FDU attended the national Student Chapter Summit. Here, students looking to compete in the years project can attend sending a select group of members. They will get to speak with various MCAA-Affiliated companies as well as hear lectures from leading companies in the field. This year, the lectures were heavily focused on technology. Pictured is GuardHat, who designs hard hats with sensor data to keep employees safer and potentially prevent unnecessary workplace hazards.


At the conference, the schools were split up into groups to work on a related project to the annual Design Project. Every school was split up, in an attempt to force everyone to meet new people and begin networking.

Pictured is Moises Meglar, secretary, in in his assigned group.

6.jpgDuring the summit, the attending schools were invited to an afternoon at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center, both blocks from the Summit location.

Pictured are MCANJ Student Chapter President, Advisor, Secretary and Treasurer outside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.



7.jpgArchitectural shot of the internal structures of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
















8.jpgAt the Summit, all the schools were also invited to the Great Lakes Science Center, where we had private access to all of the public exhibits.





9.jpgIn the Great Lakes Science Center, there were many exhibits; however the NASA one was the largest and most prominent, featuring the entire history of the US Space Program. This is one of many models and full-size replicas.

10.jpgBonland Industries – October 22 2015

Bonland Industries is an MCAA contractor who specializes in HVAC. Their company spoke with our Student Chapter to help us in our decision on which HVAC system to use, and how they’re typically installed.

Pictured is the presentation given, illustrating the company’s goals and what they do.


Students are visiting sheet metal fabrication facility.



12.jpgEstimating Meeting at Armistead Mechanical – Tuesday, December 1 2015

MCAA Chapter attended a meeting with Armistead Mechanical regarding appropriate estimating for a project of that magnitude. This meeting was run, in part, by a former FDU Graduate Jorge Borges. In the meeting, we spent significant time working with the materials desired and the system used. This meeting lasted most of the morning, and ended with the chapter having a much more in-depth understanding of the process.

13.jpgMid-Atlantic Mechanical – Monday, Feb 26 2016

Mid Atlantic Mechanical is an MCAA Member Company who is US Green Building Council certified. This site tour was run with FDU to show students all the steps in mechanical contracting, including estimating, scheduling and design.


Mid Atlantic Mechanical also has a machine shop, where they do much of their own manufacturing. This allows the company to have close control over the products they install as well as employ many union workers.