Industry Partnerships

Gildart School of Computer Sciences and Engineering visits the Xanadu Project in East Rutherford, NJ

Faculty and Staff from the Gildart Haase School of Computer Sciences and Engineering met with E&S Engineering, Mechanical Engineering contractor working on the Xanadu Project.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Mr. George Anthony, Superintendent on the Xanadu Project. Afterwards we met with the project safety director and were briefed on all of the precautions and rules to adhere to. We had the opportunity to then begin our tour of the 4.8 million square-foot entertainment destination.

The project includes, world class theatres, a shopping mall, fine dining, an amusement park and an indoor ski slope to name a few. The featured ski slope is only the second of its kind in the world, next to the one in Dubai.

Mr. George Anthony has graciously opened the doors of this immense project and has provided the Gildart Haase School of Computer Sciences and Engineering a glimpse of the largest most innovative project in North America.

We had the opportunity to speak with engineers, field workers, as well as upper Mgt about how the project was designed and is being implemented. Our team climbed ladders to the roof of the structure, viewed the large HVAC structure that cools and heats the building as well as observed the soil and foundation techniques utilized by the companies.

Following up on our visit to Xanadu, Mr. Anthony has also presented to the faculty and staff of our School, on new techniques and concepts utilized by his firm. Furthermore, Mr. Anthony has guest lectured on Construction Materials and Systems course to give our students an understanding of a state of the art project in relation to their current coursework with FDU. Furthermore, as a follow up to the lecture, the students will visit the Xanadu project as well, to experience this gargantuan undertaking first hand. Mr. Anthony has also served on our Civil/ Construction advisory board to review our curriculum and match it with industry standards used in the field today.

In a recent development, E&S Engineering has hired the services of Mr. Rolando Garcia, recent FDU Mech Eng Tech student and he has been an asset to their organization. The FDU & E&S relationship is only the beginning of many beneficial opportunities for our students and FDU as an Institution and we look forward to many positive and productive results from our mutual efforts.

**Special Mention to Mr. Jamie Mabin, Const Eng Tech student who has facilitated this relationship and has been very involved with faculty and staff.**

Prof. Melvin Lewis discussing the schematics of the ski slope project with the chief engineer

World’s second indoor Ski Slope being constructed

Prof. Melvin Lewis and George Anthony speaking with the indoor ski slope chief engineer

Prof. Melvin Lewis, Mr. George Anthony (E&S Superintendent) Mr. Jamie Mabin (Binsky and Synder, and FDU Construction Eng Tech Student) and Mr. Gonzalo Perez, (Coordinator Student Recruitment and Career Development)

Viewing the HVAC equipment

Soil and Foundation work

Picture view from atop the building structures

Mr. Jamie Mabin and Mr. Derek Raush students with the Gildart Haase School of Engineering and Computer Sciences working on the Xanadu snow dome project