FDU and the School of Computer Sciences and Engineering provides an open lab for the general use of computer science students. The open lab is located in the basement of Becton Hall, room 104.

Lab facilities include 20 IBM Think Centre M51 PC's, printing via either laser printer or line printer, internet access, and use of university software (MS Office 2003, Visual C++, Visual Basic, JAVA, etc.).

The lab is staffed by graduate assistants, graduate staffers, and undergraduate lab assistants during normal hours of operation. Additionally, classes are taught in the open lab whenever scheduled by the faculty.

Help with programming assignments and general computer use are provided by the people currently working with in the lab.

Electronics Labs

Hardware:engpic1 FULL

Agilent Digital Oscilloscope with GPIB
Agilent Function Generator
Agilent Multimeter
HP Power Supply
Instek Power Supply
BK Precision Power Supply/Analog Oscilloscope
Instek Function Generator
BK Precision Function Generator
Phillips Oscilloscope
HP Spectrum Analyzer
Digital Trainer Kit
engpic2 FULL

Most Electrical Engineering and Engineering technology classes and labs are conducted in these two facilities located in rooms 202 and 203 of the Muscarelle center. These labs are equipped with modern analog and digital equipment that provides support to a large number of student and faculty projects. These labs are also installed with state-of-the art audio visual equipment to facilitate on-site presentations.

Agilent Digital Oscilloscope, Agilent Digital Function Generator, Agilent Digital Multi Meter, Instek Dual DC Power Supply etc.15.jpg

The Main Computer Labs

engpic3 FULL
engpic4 FULL

The main computer labs located in rooms 206 and 207 in The Muscarelle Center, form the backbone of most of the research, teaching and project work that the department engages in. Installed with state-of-the art IBM workstations, these labs have the capacity to seat 60 students. Overhead projectors and other audio visual equipment are also installed at these facilities.

PCs with i7 Processors, Smart Board, Smart TV etc18.jpg

Software and Hardware Capabilities:


Matlab and Simulink Win Breadboard
MathCAD AutoDesk VIZ
AutoCAD 2007 GAEA Construction Software
Multisim PSpice
Electronics Workbench CCNA
System View Mentor Graphics VLSI
Xilinx CATIA V5
Primavera Microsoft Visual Studio. NET
RISA Linux Redhat


Intel P IV Processor, 3.00GHZ , 500MB RAM Spartan FPGA Boards                                                          
HP Designjet Printer Texas Instruments DSK Kits
HP Laserjet printers  

Robotics Lab

Nao Humanoid Robots14.jpg

Networking Labs

engpic5 FULL

engpic6 FULL

engpic7 FULL

PCs with i7 Processors, Cisco Network Switches, Smart Board, Smart TVs etc17.jpg

Green Energy Lab

Solar/Wind Energy Trainers, Fuel Cell Trainers, Solar Thermal Energy Trainer, Grid Tie System16.jpg

Wood Shop

Band Saw, Milling Machine with DRO, Lathe etc8.jpg

Machine Shop

The recently upgraded Machine shop has become the prototyping center for most student projects on campus. In addition to this, the lab also offers machining support during lab renovation and up gradation. The shop’s most successful product has been the FDU Mini-Baja, 90% of which was fabricated on-site.

engpic8 FULL

engpic9 FULL

engpic10 FULL

Milling Machine with DRO, Horizontal Band Saw, Vertical Band Saw, Sander, Lathe etc.9.jpg


Dual Axis Cutting Band-saw Mobile MIG and ARC Welders             
Micro Mill Heavy Duty Drill Press
Tool room lathes Sheet Metal Shears
10 Ton Hydraulic Press Angle grinders
Micro Lathes Bench Grinders
Cold Cut Chop Saw Pneumatic Ratchets and cutters

Advanced Manufacturing Lab

HAAS CNC Lathe Machine1.jpg

3 Axis CNC Milling Machine


PLC Trainers, MecLab Training Sytem, Servo Robot Systems12.jpg

Advanced Mechatronics System, Flexible Manufacturing System13.jpg

Fluid Flow and HVAC Lab

engpic11 FULL engpic11 FULL

Located in the Basement of the Muscarelle Center, this lab facilitates over 10 experiments in Fluids Mechanics and Thermodynamics. In addition to the various standard fluid flow equipment, the lab also has two brand new HVAC trainers that were donated courtesy of the Mechanical Contractor’s Association of New Jersey (MCA-NJ).

Pump Lab, HVAC Training System, HVAC Control System, Hydraulics Bench, Friction Loss in Pipes set up etc.7.jpg


Honeywell Process Control trainer Hydraulic Bench                                               
Hampden HVAC Mechanical Trainer Reynolds Number Apparatus
Hampden HVAC Electrical Trainer Refrigeration Cycle trainer
Friction Loss Apparatus  

Construction and Material Testing Lab

The Construction and Material Testing Lab is the largest lab in the Muscarelle Center and is located in the Center’s basement. The lab is home to numerous material, soil and construction testing equipment. The FDU concrete canoe is also fabricated at this facility.

engpic12 FULL engpic13 FULL engpic14 FULL

Tinius Olsen Tensile Tester with Horizon Software3.jpg

Tinius Olsen Compression Tester with Horizon Software4.jpg

Tinius Olsen Torsion Tester with Horizon Software5.jpg


Tinius Olsen Compression and Tensile Tester Tinius Olsen Torsion tester                                
Soil Test equipment Soil test ovens
Concrete Mixers Surveying equipment
Electronic Charpy impact tester  

Mechanical Training Lab

Electro Mechanical Training System, Mechanical Training System, Industrial Motor Controls Training System10.jpg

High-Tech Auditorium

The recently renovated facility that has a seating capacity of 115, is where several departmental meetings, conferences and student presentations are held. The auditorium is equipped with two large flat-panel plasma displays and modern acoustic systems that provide ambient and crisp audio visual recording aids for events of any nature. The entire room is controlled by a Crestron control panel.

engpic15 FULL

engpic16 FULL

For more information

Issues regarding the Computer Sciences and Engineering labs can be addressed to the School’s Computing Systems Lab Director,  Reji Joseph (

Issues regarding ANY other lab at Fairleigh Dickinson University can be address by contact Bob Pelech, Director of Computing Services, at 201-692-7111.