Faculty and Staff


Dr. Sameh Abdelazim

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering

Phone: 2129

Email: azim@fdu.edu

Sameh Abdelazim received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from The Graduate School and University Center, The City University of New York. His areas of interest are Circuits, Analog and Digital Control and Nonlinear Electronic Circuits in addition to his many publications and other creative activities.


Prof. Anthony Adrignolo

Associate Professor of Engineering Technology

Phone: 2125

Email: anthony@fdu.edu

Anthony J. Adrignolo is a licensed Professional Engineer and holds and M.S. degree from New York University. Prof. Adrignolo’s areas of interest are in operation research; construction practices, management, materials and systems; cost analysis; total quality management, and civil and construction engineering. He has served many years as a consulting engineer to the construction industry.


Prof. Stanley Bielewicz

Lecturer of Civil Engineering Technology

Phone: 2122


Stanley Bielewicz, coordinator of the civil engineering technology program, earned his M.S. from New Jersey Institute of Technology. His professional experience includes designing highways and bridges for the New Jersey Department of Transportation and Construction and management projects for federal and municipal agencies. Prof. Bielewicz’s current areas of interest include quality assurance of designs and construction, highway design implications, safety allegations, environmental remediation, project management, and materials and cost analysis.


Dr.Alexander Casti

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Phone: 2481

Email: casti@fdu.edu

Interests:Computational and Experimental Neuroscience, Biomathematics, Pattern Forming Systems, Clustering in large data sets, Partial Differential Equations.


Dr. Zong Chen

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Management Information Systems

Phone: 2721

Email: zchen@fdu.edu

Zong Chen earned his Ph.D. from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He teaches courses on computer programming, data structures, image processing, and game programming, among others. His research interests are in pattern recognition and image professing. Dr. Chen has published papers on motion estimation, handgrip recognition, and handwritten character recognition.


Dr. RJ Dolbin

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Phone: 2268

Email: rjdolbin@fdu.edu

RJ Dolbin received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Riverside. His research interests include Lie algebras, combinatorics, and representation theory. He has taught Calculus I, Calculus II and Discrete Structures.


Dr. Mark Farag

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Phone: 2795

Email: mfarag@fdu.edu

Mark Farag received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Texas A&M University.His primary areas of interest are ring/near-ring theory and undergraduate research projects.He co-advises the Metropolitan Campus Mathematics Club, he co-leads professional development workshops for in-service Mathematics teachers, and he has taught the following courses at FDU:College Algebra, Calculus I-II, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Topology, Abstract Algebra, and Special Topics in Mathematics Education.


Dr. Vasudevan Janarthanan

Assistant Professor of Information Technology

Phone: 604-682-8112 or 1-877-338-8002

Email: v_janart@fdu.edu

URL: http://alpha.fdu.edu/~vjanarth/

Vasudevan Janarthanan received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Concordia University, Montreal Canada, in 2007. His areas of interests include real-time systems, real-time scheduling, real-time control, supervisory control of discrete-event systems, real-time embedded control, operating systems, and formal methods.

He has taught the following courses at FDU: Computer Programming I and II, Data Structures, Database Systems, Human Computer Interface, Computer Concepts and Technology, Information Technology Needs and Assessment Management, Introduction to Information Technology, Software Applications for Business and Technology, Applied Calculus and Modern Technologies: Principles/Applications/Impacts.


Dr. Bernard Lefkowitz

Associate Professor of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Phone: 2026

Email: lefkowit@fdu.edu

Bernard Lefkowitz, coordinator of the mechanical engineering technology program, earned his Ph.D. from the University of California at Los Angeles. His areas of interest are stress analysis, vibration analysis, fluid mechanics, energy conversion, structures and electromechanical systems.


Dr. Gertrude Levine

Professor of Computer Science

Phone: 2498

Email: levine@fdu.edu

Gertrude Levine received her Ph.D. from Stevens Institute of Technology. She has been a contributing editor to Ada Letters since 1986 and has published in the areas of Ada programming, conflict resolution, telecommunications and software reuse. Dr. Levine teaches courses on operating systems, network security among others, and coordinates student internship programs.


Prof. Melvin Lewis

Senior Lecturer of Engineering Technology

Phone: 2348

Email: lewis@fdu.edu

Melvin Lewis is overall coordinator of all four engineering technology programs. He earned his M.S. degree from Columbia University and has more than 35 years of relevant industry experience including 30 years at Lockheed Martin. His expertise is in antenna design, microwaves, expert systems and communications. He has published papers on these areas as well.

Prof. Lewis has served in the North Jersey Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) in various roles including chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer. He was the chair of the IEEE Vehicular TechnologySociety North Jersey chapter as well as the general chair of the IEEE VTC-93 Conference on wireless mobile theory and application. Prof. Lewis was awarded the IEEE Third Millennium Medal for his outstanding contributions.


Dr. Harvey Lowy

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Management Information Systems

Phone: 2020

Email: lowy@fdu.edu

Harvey Lowy received his Ph.D. from State University of New York at Stony Brook. His fields of interest include database systems, management information systems, data mining and area, including data warehouse. He offers a number of courses in the database area, including database systems, file systems, advanced database systems, distributed database systems, database projects with visual basic and data ware house and data mining. He has received grants in the database and enterprise computing areas. Dr. Lowy received the Outstanding Teacher Award from FDU’s University College in 2008.


Dr. Zhiwei Mao

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Phone: 2121

Email: zmao@fdu.edu

URL: http://alpha.fdu.edu/~zmao

Zhiwei Mao, who earned her Ph.D. from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, taught electrical engineering for five years at Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada. Her current research interests are in wireless communications, digital signal processing for communication, radio resource management, and optimization for engineering design and analysis.


Dr. Kalyan Mondal

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Phone: 2123

Email: mondal@fdu.edu

URL: http://inside.fdu.edu/pt/mondal.html

Kaylan Mondal, coordinator of the information technology program at both the Metropolitan and FDU-Vancouver campuses, earned his Ph.D. degree from University of California at Santa Barbara. He has over 20 years of industrial experience in the telecommunications and semiconductor industries and holds 10 U.S. patents. He teaches courses on Digital Signal Processing, Device Electronics, VLSI Design, Microcontroller Based System Design, Circuit Theory, Electrical Energy Conversion, and Information Technology Capstone Project. His current research interests include sigma-delta codecs, array signal processing, cybersecurity, adaptive filtering, and wireless PHY layer modeling. A senior member of the IEEE, Dr. Mondal is the Treasurer and Co-Chair of the Education Committee of the IEEE North Jersey Section.


Dr. Gloria B. Reinish

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Phone: 2345

Email: renish@fdu.edu

Gloria B. Reinish earned her Eng. Sc. D. from Columbia Univeristy. Her current areas of interest are bioengineering, linear systems, online course development and promoting women in engineering. Dr. Reinish has mentored many honors students and IEEE North Jersey Section Student Presentation Contest winners.


Dr. Howard Silver

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Phone: 2830

Email: silver@fdu.edu

Howard Silver is the Deputy Director for the electrical and computer engineering programs. He holds his Ph.D. from New York University and is a licensed Professional Engineer. He has co-authored two textbooks: 32-bit Microprocessors A Primer Plus, AT&T Advanced Technology Series and Modern Instrumentation – A Computer Approach, Institute of Physics Publishing. Dr. Silver’s current interests are neural networks, fuzzy logic and computer-aided analysis and design. In 2007 Dr. Silver received the FDU Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching.


Dr. Alfredo Tan

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Director of Gildart Haase School of Computer Sciences and Engineering

Phone: 2324

Email: tan@fdu.edu

Alfredo Tan is the director of the Gildart Haase School of Computer Sciences and Engineering. He received his Ph.D. degree from Stevens Institute of Technology, and his research interests are in the areas of communication systems, adaptive signal processing and digital image processing. He has received numerous grants to upgrade the engineering labs, support the engineering and engineering technology programs and to implement outreach programs. He is also director of the Technical Enrichment and Outreach Program (TEOP) that encourages financially-disadvantaged and minority high school students to pursue degrees in science, math, engineering, and technology. Dr. Tan received the 2003 FDU Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching.


Dr. Yongming Tang

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Management Information Systems

Phone: 2258

Email: ytang@fdu.edu

Yongming Tang earned his Ph.D. from New Jersey Institute of Technology. His interests include Component-based Software Engineering, Software Development Methodology, Electronic Commerce, software engineering, component-based software development, and client/server computing. Dr. Tang teaches courses related to software engineering, Java programming, systems programming, client/server computing, and building e-commerce systems.


Dr. Omar Thomas

Lecturer of Construction Engineering Technology


Email: o_thomas@fdu.edu

Dr. Omar Thomas, coordinator of the Civil Engineering Technology program is a licensed Professional Engineer and received his Ph.D. Degree from Florida State University. His areas of interest include Highway Design, Traffic Engineering, Transportation Asset Management, Construction Management and Structural Engineering.


Dr. Hong Zhao

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Phone: 2350

Email: zhao@fdu.edu

URL: http://inside/fdu.edu/pt2/faculty/hong_zhao.html

Hong Zhao earned her Ph.D. degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology and has over a decade of teaching experience. She teaches courses on logic design, embedded systems, and computer architecture among others. Her research interests are in the areas of multimedia streaming, digital signal processing, cross layer design and computer networks.


Dr. Vladimir Zwass

Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Management Information

Phone: 2119

Email: zwass@fdu.edu

Vladimir Zwass received his Ph.D.Columbia University. He is the Gregory Olsen Endowed Chair Professor of Computer Science and the deputy director for Computer Science, Management Information Systems and E-Commerce. He is the founding editor-in-chief of the Journal of Management Information Systems and the International Journal of Electronic Commerce, which have been ranked second and first respectively in their fields. He is also the founding editor-in-chief of a series of research monographs, Advances in Management Information Systems. He has authored six books, including the textbooks Management Information Systems and Foundations of Information Systems, published papers in a number of journals and conference proceedings, and contributed articles to the Encyclopedia Britannica. His works on organizational memory information system and the structure of electronic commerce are considered foundational and have been widely cited.





Prof. Mark Bai

Prof. Joyce Beck

Dr. Sergio Brecher

Interests:Communication Systems, Wireless Communications, Communications, Computer Networks and Programming

Dr. Reamar Cacdac

Prof. Nicola Daoud

Prof. Michael DeSena

Prof. Richard Eiden

Interests: HVAC

Prof. Susan Fowler

Interests: Human Computer Interface

Prof. Anthony Gaeta

Interests: Information Technology

Dr. Tony Huang

Prof. RejiJoseph

Prof. Dmitriy Kalantarov

Dr. Andrew Katz

Prof. Orhan Kaunis

Prof. William Kennedy

Prof. Matthew King

Dr. Jacob Lin

Dr. Jengli Liu

Prof. Greg Lordi

Dr. Alexander Mack

Prof. Subhojit Paul

Prof. Nancy Passow

Interests: Technical Communication

Prof. Edmond Pendleton

Prof. David Rogers

Prof. Peter Schaeffer

Prof. Walt Schneider

Interests: Software Applications

Prof. Anu Srinivasan

Prof. Walter Triebel

Prof. Christopher Weir

Prof. Chun Xu

Prof. Xingli Xu

Prof. James Yu





Tayfun Altuntas

SCSE Lab Director for Computer Sciences, Management Information Systems and E-Commerce

Phone: 2288

Email: altuntas@fdu.edu

Tayfun Altuntas received his B.S. from Bloomfield College

Maureen Engeleit

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 2347

Email: engel@fdu.edu

Maureen Engeleit received her B.A. from Fairleigh Dickinson University

Reji Joseph

Assistant Lab Director of Engineering

Phone: 2351


Reji Joseph received his B.S./M.S. from University of Kerala, India

Carmen S. Langberg

Assistant to the Director

Phone: 2260

Email: Langberg@fdu.edu

Carmen Langberg received her M.A. from Columbia University

Bertha Pendleton

Secretary D

Phone: 2262

Email: bertha@fdu.edu

Kennedy M. Sani

Coordinator of Student Outreach and Career Development

Phone: 2390, Cell: 201-572-5549

Email: saniken5@fdu.edu

Kennedy M. Sani received his B.A. from Moi University, Kenya and M.A. from Montclair State University

Susan R. Seed

Coordinator of Student Advisement and Retention

Phone: 2284

Email: srseed@fdu.edu

Susan R. Seed received her B.S. from Boston University and M.A. from Lesley College