M.S. in Computer Engineering Degree Requirements

The number of graduate credits required to attain the Master of Science in Computer Engineering is 30 credits.

Prerequisite Courses

CSCI5505 - Introduction to Computer Programming or Equivalent
ENGR2286 - Digital System Design or Equivalent
EENG2287 - Microprocessor System Design I or Equivalent
CSCI5555 - Data Structures of Equivalent

Core Requirements

EENG7701 - Logic System Design
EENG7702 - Microprocessor Design *
CSCI6620 - Software Engineering
CSCI6638 - Operating Systems

Elective Courses

6 credits from the following

6 credits from the following

6 additional credits from Electrical Engineering or Computer Science courses (6000 level or higher) must be taken.
* You may substitute EENG7708 - Itanium Processor, Application and Architecture.
**Either EENG7737 of CSCI6731 may be taken, but not both.