Degree Requirements

Semester 1  (15 credits)

ENGR1301      Engineering Practices, Graphics & Design
ENWR1101     Academic Writing
MATH1201      Calculus I
PHYS2201       Physics Lab I
PHYS2203       University Physics I
UNIV1001        Transitioning to University Life

Semester 2  (17 credits)

ENGR1223      Introduction to CAD
ENGR3000      Modern Technologies: Principles, Applications and Impacts
ENWR1102     Academic Research and Writing
MATH2202      Calculus II
PHYS2202      Physics Lab II
PHYS2204      University Physics II
UNIV1002        Preparing for Professional Life

Semester 3  (16 credits)

CENG1205     Surveying I
CENG1245     Construction Materials and Systems
CHEM1201     General Chemistry I
CHEM1203     General Chemistry I Lab
ENGR2221     Statics
MATH2210      Differential Equations

Semester 4  (18 credits)

ENGR1204     Programming Languages in Engineering
ENGR2210     Technical Communications
ENGR2228     Strength of Materials
ENGR3431     Dynamics
MATH3220     Linear Algebra
UNIV2001       Cross-cultural Perspectives

Semester 5  (15 credits)

CENG3250     Structural Analysis
CENG3257     Concrete Structures 
CENG4241     Soil Mechanics
ENGR4254     Fluid Mechanics
MATH2203     Calculus III

Semester 6  (18 credits)

CENG3270     Environmental & Land Use Planning
CENG4242     Foundations
CENG4276     Advanced Concrete Design
CENG4320     Transportation Engineering
ENGR3351     Applied Thermodynamics
ENGR4221     Engineering Statistics & Reliability

Semester 7  (15 credits)

CENG3256     Steel Structures
ENGR4210     Managerial & Engineering Economic Analysis
ENGR4263     Project Management in Engineering and Technology
Technical Elective*
UNIV2002     Global Issues

Semester 8  (15 credits)

CENG3260     Environmental Engineering
CENG4272     Advanced Steel Design
CENG4280     Finite Element Analysis
CENG4385     Senior Design Project
Technical Elective*

Total 129 credits

TECHNICAL ELECTIVES:  The student must take 6 credits of technical electives, to be chosen from the following list:

Other technical electives may be taken with prior approval from a program advisor.

A minimum of 129 credits is required for graduation.