Why FDU women choose Computer Science

Testimonials from women with Computer Science degrees and their inspiration to take this field of study at FDU.

LevineName:  Gertrude Levine

Degree at FDU:  MS in Computer Science 1976.
Other Degrees:  PhD Computer Science, Stevens Institute of Technology 1986
Current Occupation:  Professor, Computer Science Fairleigh Dickinson University
why I chose Computer Science Recommended by a former professor, Dr. Mary Dolciani of Hunter College. Additional major assistance from Dr. Jewel Hughes Bushey, Hunter College.

RinkalName: Rinkal Priyadarshi

Degree at FDU:  MS in Computer Science 2009.
Current Occupation:  Project Manager/ Software Developer, International Point of Sale LLC
why I chose Computer Science: I had never thought about pursuing computer science as a career until I took an introductory class in my junior year. It sparked my interest and changed my thoughts after seeing what I could do with some simple  lines of code. Maximum curriculum flexibility at FDU provided the platform for me to pursue my ambitions. I did not only gain a solid grounding in the fundamentals of computer science, but professional-level courses, and specialized in selected technology areas of my choice. The biggest thing my degree did for me is that it gave me the perfect foundation to build on for my career.
VaishaliName:  Vaishali Asmar

Degree at FDU:  MS in Computer Science 2014.
Other Degrees:  Diploma in Electronics and Radio 
Engineering, 1992.

Current Occupation:  Application Developer Lead, JPMorgan Chase

why I chose Computer Science:  Further study has always been my dream. Dr Levine guided me through my MS program and is always motivating and encouraging. Prof Zwass, Prof Lowy and Prof Tang they all are excellent and  always encouraged to go one level up in understanding the subject that helped me achieve my goal and its truly helping me out in my career.

sherryName:  Sherry Jenkins

Degrees at FDU:  MS in Computer Science 2002; BA in Political Science 1995

Current Occupation:  Senior Program Manager, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (New York, NY)

why I chose Computer Science:  I knew that I wanted a research career in academia so I decided that it was important that I seek a balance of theory-based and practical training in computation and algorithmic/scientific reasoning, which is why I chose the MS in Computer Science Program at FDU.

The core curriculum of this program provided me with a set of skills needed to communicate effectively with researchers across various disciplines such as mathematics, statistics, medicine and biology to help solve data-intensive biomedical problems.

SuzanneMcIntoshName:  Suzanne McIntosh

Degree at FDU:  MS and BS in Computer Science

Other Degrees:  Engineer Degree in Computer Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, 2000

Current Occupation: 

Adjunct Professor, Big Data Analytics, NYU Courant and NYU School of Engineering

Cloudera Academic Partnerships Consultant and University Liaison, Cloudera Inc.

Why I choose Computer Science:  I researched potential majors and found Math and Computer Science to be suitable majors for me to pursue. I really enjoyed Math courses, but the fast paced innovation in Computer Science was so exciting to me. I chose to major in Computer Science and minor in Math – the best of both worlds!

Shan JaiName:  Shan Jia

Degree at FDU:  MS in Computer Science 2014.

Other Degrees:  BA in Electronic and Information Engineering 2011

Current Occupation:  Software Developer/Application Developer, the TSi Company

why I chose Computer Science:  I was interested in being the tester of games. That's why I changed my major to Computer Science. At FDU, there are lots of excellent professors that guided me not only how to learn, but also how to think. After I learnt more and more knowledge, I found Computer Science fields are much more abundant than game testing. When you try to make your own program applications, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, it's the career with the most potential. Now it's not just the "testing of games" for me, I can try to make more! 

Name:  Carolyn Reer
Degree at FDU: MS in Computer Science 
Other Degree: Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA)                             
Object-Oriented C++ / Client-Server Computing - New Jersey Institute of Technology
QNX Realtime Programming
QNX Systems Administration 
Work Experience: Senior Software Engineer, DRS Technologies, Oakland, NJ
Senior Software Engineer, L-3 Space & Navigation, Budd Lake, NJ
Programmer/Analyst/Consultant (Contract), Kraft Foods, Parsippany, NJ
Software Engineer / Systems Administrator / Network Administrator  Federal-Mogul Friction Products, Mahwah NJ
why I chose Computer Science: When I graduated with a math degree, I wasn't sure I could even get a job. I had double the math credits and none of the education and student teaching courses that my classmates had. Luckily I had taken a number of computer classes including FORTRAN and COBOL. I was lucky to land a job with Bendix Test Systems Division in Teterboro… When I decided to go back to graduate school and get my MSCS at FDU, my options were NJIT, Stevens, or FDU. I selected FDU primarily because of location and curriculum.
Erin QuinnName: Erin Quinn
Degree at FDU: I received a BS in computer science from FDU in 2013 and  currently I am in the process of applying for an online Master's program in computer science.
Work Experience: Software Developer at Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, NM.
why I chose Computer Science: I chose Computer Science as my major because there are so many things that one can do in that field, and new technologies are constantly emerging, so working with computers will always be exciting and ever-changing.  I chose FDU because of its proximity to New York City and the many opportunities that come with being very close to a major city.
nihrikaName: Niharika
Degree at FDU: I graduated with a Master's in Computer Science in 2014.
Work Experience: Business Intelligence Developer for the prestigious Metropolitan Opera.
why I chose Computer Science: I am Niharika, 2014 CSE grad. I am currently working as a Business Intelligence Developer for the prestigious Metropolitan Opera. I enjoy my work and enjoy being in this industry. It motivates me every day to innovate, evolve and bring out the best in me. I remember as a kid,  my dad buying me a computer, not knowing anything other than that there are thousands of interesting games, I asked my Dad what else could it do. The answer was "almost anything that you can imagine!" I can't agree with him more now and I am honored to be a part of this cyber revolution where a day without access to technology will break havoc into our lives. I am very thankful to FDU for helping me refine and develop my skills and owe all my professors so much gratitude. Believe me, they really go out of their way to help the student achieve her goals!

EmeryName: Emery Gonzalez

Degree at FDU: BS/MS in Computer Science 2015

Current Occupation: Software Engineer, The Macaluso Group.

why I chose Computer Science: When I first registered for FDU, they had me in the QUEST Mathematics program (teacher program). I transferred to just a Mathematics major because I wanted to be a Mathematician, inspired by my high school AP Calculus teacher Mrs. Moskal. When I took my first Computer Programming class with Professor Chen as a Math major, I knew that I choose the wrong path and that computers were really something I wanted to start to learn more about. It was fascinating that this whole other language could do so many things. Also the fact that I was becoming comfortable in doing code told me that this could be my future. I then changed my major to the BS/MS Computer Science in 5 years. I am so glad I made that decision because I was able to gain so much knowledge from FDU's CSCI classes and professors.

JaneName: Jane Kannamkuzhiyil

Degree at FDU: BS in Computer Science

Current Occupation: Applications Developer at UPS

Why I chose Computer Science: The main reason I chose CS as my major was my interest in technology and innovations. It was the wide range of options I had in this field that motivated me. In Fairleigh Dickinson University, with professors like Prof. Levine, Prof. Lowy, and Prof. Tang, we didn’t just learn the concepts, we worked with hands-on projects that are similar to real-world projects. In addition to the core subjects, many computer science electives were offered such as mobile applications development, game programming, cybersecurity etc. We were able to choose these according to our interests. I chose mobile applications development and advanced database systems. During these courses, I understood the vast varieties of options within the computer science field. Also, I was able to attain internships during my summer vacations, which helped with gaining experience in the field. One of my internships was at UPS. As a whole, my experience as a CS student was great and rewarding. I am really proud to have chosen this career.

Selick PhotoName:  Sandra Selick

Degree at FDU:  MS in Computer Science 1998; BS in Mathematics and Computer Science (Double Major) 1995

Other Degrees:  PhD in Education, Capella University 2014

Current Occupation:  University Director – Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment, Fairleigh Dickinson University; Adjunct Instructor for Computer Science, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Why I chose Computer Science: I was fascinated with computers beginning in kindergarten and received permission from my elementary school at the time to borrow each weekend one of the only two computers in the entire school, the Radio Shack TRS-80. My father and I would type in hundreds of lines of BASIC code to have our names dance around the screen. My first computer was an Apple Macintosh 128K, that I still own today. When it was time to attend college, my father encouraged me to major in Computer Science and Mathematics. I was looking forward to becoming a high school Computer Science instructor or Mathematics teacher, if the school didn’t offer computer classes. However, while completing my graduate studies, I started working at FDU in 1996. Today I am responsible for coordinating teaching excellence activities and learning outcomes assessment at the University.