Graduate Certificate in Telecommunications and Networking


To provide expertise in the development, maintenance, and supervision of telecommunication systems and computer networks.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the certificate program requires a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a satisfactory academic record.


18 credits (six courses) are to be taken from the list of courses below:

Core Course: A 3-credit course is to be selected from the following two courses:

CSCI6731       Computer Networks (or)
EENG7737     Computer Communication Networks

Elective Courses: 15 credits (five courses) are to be selected from the following courses:

CSCI6730     Advanced Network: TCP/IP and Routing
CSCI6732     Local Area Networks
CSCI6736     Wireless LANs
CSCI6844     Programming for the Internet
CSCI6869     Network Security
EENG6747    Digital Communications
EENG7738    Wireless Communications
EENG7748    Advanced Digital Communications


Students must satisfy the prerequisites of the courses that they will take.


Special tuition rate is available at 33 1/3% off the regular tuition rate for eligible students.

Academic Credits

Undertheguidance of the Academic Advisor,courses appropriately selected and completed through this certificate program can be credited toward the M.S. Computer Science, M.S. Computer Engineering, or M.S. Electrical Engineering (Specialization in DSP/Communications) program. Other courses may be substituted with prior approval of the Academic Advisor.