B.S. in Computer Science/MBA

The Bachelor of Science degree program in computer science provides a theoretically based education in computer science, coupled with practical objectives. Students are exposed to a broad range of fundamental concepts in such areas as software engineering, computer organization, database systems, management information systems and operating systems, as well as to a wide variety of computer applications. The core curriculum of required courses can be supplemented by a concentration of courses in a specialized area.

Students must indicate their interest as freshmen and apply formally for M.B.A. acceptance during their junior year and must have achieved an index of 1050, based on 200 times their undergraduate grade point ratio plus the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score. The GMAT must be taken in January or March of the junior year.

Computer Science Requirements (45 credits)

CSCI1201     Computer Programming I
CSCI1202     Computer Programming II
CSCI2215     Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI2232     Data Structures
CSCI2247     Assembly Language Programming
CSCI3249     Computer Organization
CSCI3251     Design of Software Systems
CSCI3255     Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
CSCI3268     Database Systems
CSCI3240     Computer Networks
CSCI3278     Operating Systems
EENG2286    Logic and Computer Circuits
Computer Science Elective (9 credits)

Science Requirements (14 credits)

1 Laboratory Science I
1 Laboratory Science I Lab
1 Laboratory Science II
1 Laboratory Science II Lab
2 Science Elective (6 credits)

Mathematics Requirements (17 credits)

MATH1201     Calculus I
MATH2202     Calculus II
MATH3220     Linear Algebra
MATH3237     *Probability and Statistics I
MATH2255     Discrete Structures

Humanities/Social Science Requirements (18 credits)

ENWR1101     Academic Writing
ENWR1102     Academic Research & Writing
ENGL2207       Oral and Written Reports (or)
COMM2101     Professional Communication
ECON1101     * Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON1102     * Introduction to Macroeconomics
5 Ethical and Moral Analysis

University Requirements (8 credits)

UNIV1001     Transitioning to University Life
UNIV1002      Preparing for Professional Life   
UNIV2001       Cross-cultural Perspectives
UNIV2002      Global Issues 

Business Requirements (24 credits)

ACCT1121     *Accounting Principles I
ACCT1122     *Accounting Principles II
FIN2245           3 *Business Finance I
MGMT2243     3 *Human Resource Mgmt.
MKTG2220      3 *Principles of Marketing
MGMT2261     3 *Human Motiv. & Behavior
4Graduate Business Elective (6 credits)

* A student must earn a B or better in each of the starred (*) courses.

Computer Science Elective may be any 3000 level or higher CSCI prefixed course.

1LABORATORYSCIENCE:  The student may choose any of the following full-year laboratory science sequences: BIOL1251/BIOL1252, CHEM1201/CHEM1202, and PHYS2101/2102. The accompanying laboratory is required.

2SCIENCE ELECTIVES:  Two 3-credit science courses chosen from departments other than the one chosen for the laboratory science requirement.

3UNDERGRADUATE BUSINESS COURSES:  Students must have completed a minimum of 64 credits before taking these courses.

4GRADUATE BUSINESS COURSES:  Require all undergraduate Business courses as prerequisites. The undergraduate Business courses must be taken within 5 years of taking the first graduate Business course.

5ETHICAL AND MORAL ANALYSIS:  Requirements consist of a three-credit course that is substantially concerned with ethical theories and questions. This course could be in Philosophy or a course within a major program.

A minimum of 126 credits is required for graduation.

A student who completes this entire check sheet will be eligible for the BS degree in Computer Science. Additionally, the student will be given credit for the Common Body of Knowledge courses in the MBA program, and the 6 credits of graduate Business courses already taken will count toward the MBA degree.  After admission to the MBA program, the student will need only 30 additional credits to complete the MBA.