M.A. in Media and Professional Communication

The Communication program at the Metropolitan Campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University is distinctive in offering both a two-year Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Media & Professional Communication as well as an accelerated B.A. in Communication /M.A. in Media and Professional Communication attainable in just five years.

The M.A. in Media & Professional Communication is an applied 30-credit hour program designed to equip those entering and those already employed in the media and communication industry with the diverse set of skills necessary to succeed in today’s digital marketplace. The program is designed to help students master the complexities in communicating effectively across all modern media platforms while increasing their effectiveness in critical thinking.  

This master’s program provides the student with the flexibility in curriculum necessary to pursue his/her interests .To accommodate students with a variety of work schedules, both day and night classes are available at the Metro campus.

Required courses include Media Theory and Graduate Research Methods. These two courses provide students with the tools necessary to completed their thesis proposal. Student select  24 hours of graduate classes from Media and Professional Communication or from other related graduate areas. Through selecting graduate courses based on their specific interests,  students are able to demonstrate specialized knowledge in an area pertinent to his/her career aspirations, while researching and writing either an applied or theory-based thesis proposal as the culmination of their graduate studies.

Admission to the M.A. in Media & Professional Communication program requires a bachelor’s degree , a cumulative GPA of 3.00, three letters of recommendation and, a writing sample.

All international students should send inquiries to global@fdu.edu. All other graduate students should send inquiries to Kathleen Kidder in Graduate Admisssions at Kathleen_kidder@fdu.edu.

For more information about the Communication degree or curriculum, please contact

Patricia Brady
Secretary, Media Studies
Voice:  201-692-2415
E-mail: brady@fdu.edu