Communication Program Minors

[NOTE: Change in Minor to 15 credits effective Fall 2016. Current students can elect to move to 15 credits minor as of Spring 2016. Consult with your advisor]

The Program includes a number of 15-credit minors for non-Communication majors, such as Advertising, Speech,  and Film Studies.  The Program also includes a new minor, Sports Media  Studies, an interdisciplinary minor open to both Communication and non-Communication majors.  For a complete list of  minors, please call 201-692-2415. 
Minor in Advertising

 (Non-communication majors only)

Take five courses of the six listed below:

COMM2321   Advertising Principles
COMM3345   Advertising Copywriting and Layout
COMM3362   Advertising Campaigns
MKTG2120    Marketing
COMM3444   Public Relations
COMM3997   Internship in Advertising or Advertising/PR Elective

Minor in Communication

Non-communication majors interested in a secondary area of specialization in communication must complete 15 credits of communication courses including: 

COMM____   Theory Group Elective
COMM____   Advertising/Public Relations Group
COMM____   Broadcast, Film and Video Group 
SPCH____    Speech Group
COMM____   Communication Elective

Interested students should consult with the school director for further information.  

Minor in Convergent Journalism

The minor in convergent journalism is designed to provide undergraduate students with the requisite skills for today’s media marketplace. This 15-credit minor builds on a foundation of basic skills in the three primary platforms of the modern media industry: Print, broadcast and the Internet, and offers a range of free electives that allows the students to further explore areas of specific interest.

Required Courses (9 credits)

COMM2833    News Reporting
ART1174         Desktop Publishing
ART1177         Introduction to Digital Media

Elective Courses -  (6 credits) Choose one course from each list:

List #1 (3 credits)

ART1178        Multimedia on the Internet
COMM2835   Feature Article Writing
COMM2558   Basic Radio Station Engineering
COMM2648   Basic Video Editing

List #2  (3 credits)

COMM3834   Advanced News Reporting
COMM3668   Television News: The Big Issues
COMM3665   International News: The Views Beyond Our Borders
COMM4470   The TV Newsroom

Minor in Speech

The minor in Speech offers students interested in improving their oral communication skills to choose from a wide range of offerings – from courses in articulation and diction to those requiring the use of audiovisual aids for professional presentations. The minor would be especially useful for students planning careers in which effective oral communication is essential, such as law, teaching, broadcasting, the performing arts, hotel management, tourism, advertising, and public relations. For international students, it would be an ideal minor, since it would enable them to enhance their speaking facility.

Students interested in this minor must complete 15 credits from the following 3-credit courses:

SPCH1105   Voice Production and Articulation 
SPCH1155   Public Speaking
SPCH2153   Speech and Voice Improvement
SPCH2217   Speech for Broadcasters
SPCH2318   Oral Presentations
SPCH2351   Persuasive Speaking
SPCH2353   Speech: Small Group Discussion
COMM1106  Interpersonal Communication
SPCH4430   Selected Studies in Speech
COMM2557  Radio Broadcast Workshop
COMM3558  Advanced Radio Broadcast Workshop
THEA2205    Acting: Theory and Practice I

Interdisciplinary Minor in Communication - Sports Media Studies

Students must complete 15 credits from the courses listed below with no more than three courses coming from one discipline. Appropriate courses used to fulfill the minor for Sports Media Studies are as follows:

                COMM2415  Sports and Popular Culture
                PSYC3359    Sports Psychology
                HIST2102      Sports in America
                PHED2422    Health and Nutrition
                MKTG4345    Sports and Events Marketing
                PHED4460    Principles of Coaching
                COMM2743   Special Topics: History of Film: Sports in American Cinema
                COMM3431   Sports Information Writing
                COMM4930   Selected Studies: Sports Ethics
                COMM4933   Selected Studies: Leadership, Communication and Sport
                SPCH4430    Selected Studies: Sportscasting          
                COMM3432   Sports Journalism