Current and Past Interns

Summer 2017

Luis Maravilla; Vedio Editing Intern;
Mentor: Prof. LoPonte
Sponsor: Despicably Optimistic is a podcast station that pertains to discussions about the latest news and trends in pop-culture (such as celebrity/entertainment news, fashion, sports, etc.), music (Hip Hop, R&B, album releases, and more), and undiscovered talent (such as local artists and musicians). Founded in April 2016, the purpose of the company is for the hosts (known as “The Voices”) to freely express their opinions about these topics to connect with listeners who share the same views and interests. Unlike other typical podcasts, the speakers may swear during these shows, but this is done so that they can get their point across without any hesitation. Thus, this follows the station’s beliefs as it is a “non-biased voice that at times may be impractical, but always unapologetically truthful.” For more information visit

Elizabeth White; Editorial Intern;
Mentor” Prof. Battistoli
Sponsor: Metro New York is a free daily newspaper headquartered in New York City’s financial district. Metro International was founded in 2000. Its content is written and designed for young professionals, and is meant to be a 20 minute read on the modern metropolitan’s daily commute. Metro New York covers local, national, and international news, as well as features, entertainment and lifestyle. Metro is not just a physical newspaper. Articles are also posted daily to their website, Metro New York is part of Metro US and Metro International. Metro US is the #1 most read free daily newspaper in America. Metro US also has newspapers in Philadelphia and Boston. Metro US boasts a readership of over 1.2 million daily readers in Philadelphia, Boston, and New York. Metro International has newspapers across four continents, including North and South America, Europe and Asia. Metro International has over 18 million readers across more than 100 cities in countries across the globe. For more information visit its website:

Spring 2017

Eotree Thomas; Stagecraft Intern;
Mentor: Prof. Rana
Sponsor: National Black Theatre [NBT] was founded in 1968 in the heart of Harlem by the late Dr. Barbara Ann Teer, an award winning, visionary artist and entrepreneur. NBT is among the oldest Black Theaters in the country, and amongst the longest owned and operated by a woman of color. NBT is also a pioneer as the first to establish revenue generating Black art complex located at 2031 5th Avenue in Harlem, NY.  NBT’s achievements reflect Dr. Teer’s lifelong commitment to community service through the arts. She believed whole-heartedly in the power of Black Theatre to uplift, strengthen, and heal Black communities on a local and on a national level. Since its founding, NBT has produced over 300 original theatre works that have toured the USA, the Caribbean, Central America, Africa, and Asia. NBT garnered over 45 AUDELCO Black Theatre Excellence Awards and received a CEBA Award of Merit for the award winning production of “Legacy: Memories of the Gospel Song” that aired on CBS in 1988. NBT has pursued its mission over four decades of service through the operation of its 3 core programs: Theatre Arts Program, Entrepreneurial Arts Program and the Communication Arts Program.

Fall 2016

Rashaunna Nelson; Intern;
Menor: Prof. LoPonte
Sponsor: VUE is the premier luxury lifestyle magazine for the affluent reader in Northern New Jersey and NYC publisahed quarterly. Each and every issue features five most requested topics including Food & Dining, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle, Parenting, and Real Estate & Design. Its lifestyle section, for example, is the full of that latest brands as well as interviews with local persons of interest. Its Food and Dining section includes everything from interviews with local chefs to original recipes. Its Health & Wellness section covers fitness studios, gyms, and organic food markets. For more information please visit

Kimberlie Suarez; Radio Assistance Intern;
Mentor:Prof. Sheffield
Sponsor: WFDU began broadcasting to the New York and metro area on August 30th 1971 at noon. It takes pride in their non-commercial, eclectic approach to music and has maintained this style ever since. The station’s broadcast signal has a 50-mile radius of its transmitter, which is located within the historic Armstrong Field Lab (AFL) in Alpine, New Jersey. It is worth mentioning that the AFL is the site of the world’s first FM station, W2XMN, built by the creator of FM technology, Major Edwin Howard Armstrong. The U.N. first owned the channel and WFDU radio project newsletter report concluded that there were no educational FM channels available in the area that would meet FCC qualifications. WFDU offers a variety of music such as Jazz, Blues, Classical, Top 40 (Oldies but goodies), Gospel and Rock. These shows air live on FM dials on 89.1FM as well as Internet Radio WFDU 2 and WFDU 3. WFDU also shares the 89.1 channel with New York University. WFDU’s most recent accomplishment has been their “Retro Radio” show, which has gotten high ratings and a lot of feedback from the listeners. For more information, visit

Madison Lerma: PR/Marketing Intern;
Mentor: Associate Director Thomas Meade
Sponsor: FDU Athletic Department consists of over 72 different employers with multiple different branches ranging from the coaching staff to the athletic trainers. David Langford,  the Athletic Director, oversees the entire department. There are 18 sports teams that represent FDU athletics, which include 7 men’s teams and 11 women’s teams. The goal of the athletic department is to first and foremost ensure the care and success of the student athletes. They are the core reason for the organization/athletic department, which creates a pyramid of work positions in the Rothman center. The department offers athletic trainers, full time coaches, a facility crew, academic support, communication directors and much more in order to ensure the success of the athletes. With such a large staff, the athletes are able to grasp any tool necessary in order to make their athletic experience the best it can be.  

Spring 2016

Melissa Visco; Production Intern;
Mentor: Prof. Battistoli
Sponsor: Sirenia Media Group ( was founded in 2013 by Karin Silverstein and Gerette Allegra. It is a company dedicated to promoting products and personalities to the right audience and offers a range of branding and consulting services, all designed to help media companies reach their potential. Sirenia Media offers expert advice to develop products, people and ideas, as well as the strategic planning necessary to deliver results for its clients. Further, the company offers intensive coaching sessions that fully blueprint a personality, brand and/or idea. Karin and Gerette use their combined experience and contacts in the entertainment industry to canvas the market and bring the right product to the appropriate company.

Ruben Chavez, Business Acquisition Intern;
Mentor: Prof. LoPonte
Sponsor: GetOut Applications, LLC is a new start-up company developing an app for IOS/Android that will add impetus to the local tourism industry in different cities across the world, through a tailor-made platform that helps match businesses with their best-matched customers and vice versa. The company is currently developing the product and preparing for the product launch that is estimated to take place at some point in May of 2016. GetOut became a limited liability Company on November 15, 2015 in the State of New York. Although registered in New York, the main office is located in Hackensack New Jersey. When launching the app, GetOut will only focus on New York City, New Jersey and Mumbai at first. With time the company hopes to expand to different cities across the world since its services are very much never in many parts of the world. The website for GetOut is

Michele Matos, Sales and Marketing Intern;
Mentor: Prof. LoPonte
Sponsor: DiningOut Magazine is a Lifestyle magazine launched in 1998 with a strong emphasis on dining. This magazine’s objective is to bring the best of culinary scene across the country to its public, offering in-depth, thoughtful and engaging lifestyle topics along with market-specific restaurant guides highlighting the finest restaurants in nine market cities within the United States. Embracing a fun, lively, and captivating style DO covers everything from restaurant developments to chef interviews, and industry updates. DiningOut is always keeping up with the latest trends so you can expect nothing less than a firsthand look at where to go, what to eat, and how to map out your culinary adventures.

As of 2013, Dining Out has printed magazines in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver/Boulder, Miami, New Jersey, Orange County and Long Beach, Philadelphia, San Diego, and San Francisco worldwide. DO magazine is distributed in restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings, book stores, and event centers, such as the bergenPAC. Because it is a Quarterly magazine, DiningOut is distributed three times a year. The magazine’s website,, was launch in 2014 to support and expand the print magazine content. With the options to browse, search, and submit your own content onto the DiningOut website, it has become an enriching experience for growing readership.

Spring/Fall 2015

Samantha Esposito, Account Intern
Mentor: Prof. LoPonte
Sponsor: Looney Advertising and New Media is an advertising/marketing agency located in Montclair, NJ. They have been in business around ten years now and they offer a wide range of services including promotional design, social media marketing, and email marketing. Looney has three major clients that they continuously work for. They design promotional materials for an insurance company (Ironshore), manage the social media accounts for a software company (ConnectPointz), and create ads for a railroad company (Atlantic Track). Looney prides itself on being a creative strategist, which is combination of both the creative and strategic sides of advertising and marketing. It is a small company owned by Sean Looney and his wife, Debbie Looney.

Karissa Giuliano, Social Media Intern
Sponsor:CNBC is an American basic cable and satellite business news television channel that is owned by the NBC Universal News Group, a unit of the NBC Universal Television Group division of NBC Universal. The network originated as the Consumer News and Business Channel, until the name was abbreviated in 1991. Today, its international spinoffs cover business headlines and provide live coverage of financial markets. The combined reach of CNBC and its siblings is 390 million viewers around the world. In 2007, the network was ranked as the 19th most valuable cable channel in the United States, worth roughly $4 billion. It is headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

David Orrell, Production Assistant Intern
Sponsor: CNBC is an American basic cable and satellite business news television channel that is owned by the NBC Universal News Group, a unit of the NBC Universal Television Group division of NBC Universal. The network originated as the Consumer News and Business Channel, until the name was abbreviated in 1991. Today, its international spinoffs cover business headlines and provide live coverage of financial markets. The combined reach of CNBC and its siblings is 390 million viewers around the world. In 2007, the network was ranked as the 19th most valuable cable channel in the United States, worth roughly $4 billion. It is headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

Andrew Kim, Production Intern;
Mentor: Prof. Buzzard
Sponsor:DeadlyDymes Media was founded by Brian Hardy and is based in Fort Washington, Maryland. As a business, it focuses on creating short videos and distributing them through its website. The content of these videos focus primarily on martial arts action and mainly feature women in the lead roles. Although the majority of its videos are self-made, DeadlyDymes Media is willing to sell videos that are created by other filmmakers. This company emphasizes delivering quality entertainment to its audience and ensures its viewers that they have control of the content.  As of recently, DeadlyDymes Media has nearly 200 videos in its catalogue and over 10,000 members as consistent customers.

Vidhi Joshi, Social Media and Marketing Intern;
Mentor: Prof. Sheffield
Sponsor: WFDU is a non-commercial radio station broadcasting to the New York Metropolitan area at 89.1 mhz. and available worldwide with live audio streaming on the Internet at, iHeartRadio, itunes Radio, WFDU also has free iPhone and Android apps. WFDU promotes the efforts, services, and programs of other area non-profits. It produces educational Public Affairs programs that address the topics of health, business, education, senior services, law and other subjects of interest to the community. And, it meets its objectives through thoughtful music entertainment shows which feature Blues, R&B/Soul/Funk, Country, Americana, Gospel, Salsa, Bluegrass, Polka, and Vocal Harmonies. There are over 75 professional volunteers (many of whom are musicians in their own right) at WFDU, which includes some of the famous names like Floyd Vivino, from the 70s & 80s show The Uncle Floyd Show. Judy DeAngelis, a 1010WINS Radio veteran is one of the key members at the radio station.

Kelika Anderson, Marketing and Promotions Intern;
Mentor: Prof. Philips
Sponsor: WDHA is a live commercial radio station which is located in Cedar Knoll, NJ, right outside of Morristown. WDHA is a mainstream rock station who refers to themselves as the “Rock of New Jersey”, WDHA focuses both on rock music of the 1970’s and 1980’s as well as 1990’s, 2000, and today’s music for this generation. WDHA started broadcasting out of Dover, NJ, back in 1961 on 105.5 FM radio. WDHA is owned and operated by Greater Media, and the station runs local and live full time. WDHA was the world's first radio station to play the (then) new compact disc. By the late 1980s, more heavy metal bands were heard while the station still kept a balance between classic rock and new rock. At this time, WDHA had become a popular station in northern New Jersey.

Fall 2014

Hanna Heldenmuth, Social Media/Publicity Intern;
Mentor: Prof. LoPonte
Sponsor: Six 22 was originally founded in 2009 by Jason Newman. With its main headquarters in Queens, Six 22 offers communication services for healthcare companies located around the United States.  For the past four years, Six 22 has developed and grown to be a leader in the world of healthcare marketing.  As a marketing agency, Six 22 offers a wide range services including but not limited to:  branding, strategic marketing & advertising, public relations, field marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization. Representing nearly 100 companies in the Healthcare Industry, Six 22 works to create Healthy brands for a number of hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.

John Loftus, Marketing Intern; 
Mentor: Prof. LoPonte 
Sponsor: Today's Business is a digital advertising company based out of Fairfield, NJ that has a broad range of clients in nearly every business sector. As a company, Today’s Business has done consulting work with both small usinesses and Fortune 500 Corporations to coordinate effective integrated marketing campaigns. Offering social media services ranging from Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, Today’s Business also provides graphic design services, search engine optimization, and monthly analytics for clients. Today’s Business has additional offices in Manhattan and in San Jose, California, and as a company is one of the most rapidly growing in its industry, acquiring over 60 clients in 18 months.

Summer 2014

Timothy Yu, Social Media Customer Service Intern;
Mentor: Prof. Villeca
Sponsor: Today's Business is a digital advertising company based out of Fairfield, NJ that has a broad range of clients in nearly every business sector. As a company, Today’s Business has done consulting work with both small businesses and Fortune 500 Corporations to coordinate effective integrated marketing campaigns. Offering social media services ranging from Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, Today’s Business also provides graphic design services, search engine optimization, and monthly analytics for clients. Today’s Business has additional offices in Manhattan and in San Jose, California, and as a company is one of the most rapidly growing in its industry, acquiring over 60 clients in 18 months.

Chelsie Hopkins, Promotions Intern; 
Mentor: Prof. Phillips
Sponsor: WDHA-FM is "The Rock of New Jersey". The station mainly plays classic rock music from the 1970s and 1980s, but also plays newer rock music from the 1990s and today. The radio station is located in Cedar Knolls, NJ and is live full time. During the weekdays, Terrie Carr, Curtis Kay, Lindsay Klein, and Mike Cocheo dominates the mic. And some of the weekend warriors include: Scott Evil, Bill Hall, Michael Lee, and Rich Russo. WDHA-FM has a great influence over northern New Jersey especially because there was a lack of modern rock stations in New York City in 2006. There was only one rock station in the New York Market besides WDHA-FM, and even when more stations were created WDHA-FM still dominated.

Spring 2014

David Orrell, Bongiorno Productions,
Mentor: Prof. LoPonte
Sponsor: Bongiorno Productions was formed by a husband and wife who are filmmakers. They have created numerous fictional, documentary, art, and experimental films and screenplays. They’ve also exhibited their video installations in museums and galleries. They’ve earned numerous international awards, an Emmy nomination, and received grants from The Film Society of Lincoln Center, Martin Scorsese, Lew Wasserman, Warner Bros. Pictures, The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, The National Endowment for the Arts, and The National Endowment for the Humanities.

Timothy Yu, Abet Laminati, 
Mentor: Prof. Speiser
Sponsor: ABET Inc. aims to create a site that is as easy to navigate, as it is informative. ABET LAMINATI has 408 surfaces, including over 200 solid color choices (the largest offering in North America), wood grains, metals, natural recycled fibers, stone-like finishes, digital and silk-screen effects and Tefor, a 100% recycled product. Throughout the year new and exciting surfaces will be highlighted including Volume II – over 250 additional laminate surfaces. This is a total of almost 700 different laminates to choose from. Sheet size for most laminates is 51″ x 120″.

Peiran Xu, Manhattan Commercial Reality Corp.
Mentor: Prof. LoPonte 
Sponsor: Manhattan Commercial Reality Corp. is a one-of-a-kind, client-centered approach to all of their commercial real estate dealings. They assess the clients’ needs, help them search for office space, broker the deal, and even find ways to save the client money at their lease renewal. They are partners and advocates. Over the years they have carefully crafted relationships with many property owners and landlords all over the city.

Danielle Hollaway, BPCP Consulting, LLC,
Mentor: Prof. Villeca
Sponsor: BPCP Consulting, LLC is a New Jersey-based boutique consulting firm offering communications and public relations strategies to individuals and corporations. Inspired by conversations with leaders in business, publishing, education and public relations, the owners found a niche in the market for a consulting firm with big city knowledge and commitment with a small town heart. BPCP serves a range of private clients who need help with communications, ghostwriting, personal projects, educational and career advancement and other strategic advice within the BPCP range of services.

Cristina Angeles, The Maury Show, 
Mentor: Prof. Battistoli
Sponsor: The Maury Show is a syndicated American tabloid talk show hosted by Maury Povich. The show was first aired in 1991 and produced by MoPo Productions in association with Paramount Domestic Television. The first 18 seasons were taped in New York City before its move to Stamford, Connecticut. On September 17, 2012, during the premiere of its 22nd season, episodes of Maury began airing in widescreen. Like its sister shows, it is broadcasting in 480i standard definition and in 720p/1080i high definition. On March 26, 2013, Maury was renewed for an additional three years until 2016.