Art Program Minors

Minor in Art

Student who desire a minor in art, and who are not majoring in fine arts, may enroll in this program. A selection of courses totaling at least 15 credits, and arranged with the guidance of a fine arts advisor, is required. No specific courses are required.

Minor in Computer Animation

ART1153 Life Drawing
ART2295 3-D Computer Animation I
ART2271 Broadcast Graphics
ART2294 2-D Computer Animation
ART2274 Computer 3D Modeling

Minor in Computer Graphics

ART1177 Introduction to Digital Media
ART1178 Multimedia no the Internet
ART1843 Design for the Web
ART1179 Digital Illustration & Design
ART2295 3-D Computer Animation I /ART2271 Broadcast Graphics

Minor in Digital Media for Advertising

ART1174 Desktop Publishing
ART1178 Multimedia no the Internet
ART1843 Design for the Web
ART1170 Advertising Design
ART2215 Photoshop for Advertisement & Illustration

Minor in Digital Tools for Social Media

ART1177 Introduction to Digital Media
ART1843 Design for the Web
ART1178 Multimedia no the Internet
COMM3444 Public Relations
COMM1000 Digital Storytelling

Minor in Fine Art Techniques

ART1141 Color Theory
ART1151 General Drawing I
ART1161 Painting I
ART1157 Printmaking I
ART1169 Watercolor Painting/ART1841 Pastel Drawing

Minor in Printmaking

ART1141 Color Theory
ART1151 General Drawing I
ART1159 Monotype Printmaking
ART1157 Printmaking
ART1158 SilkScreen Print

Minor in Theater

A minor in theater for non-fine arts majors consists of 15 credits beyond the core.

THEA1103   Introduction to Theater  
THEA2205   Acting: Theory and Practice I   
THEA2211   Stagecraft
6 credits of electives in Theater or Speech
________    Theater or Speech Electives 

Interested students should consult with the school director for further information.

Karen S. Buzzard, Ph.D.

Director, School of Art and Media.
Phone: 201-692-2416