Art Program Outcomes

To evaluate students’ learning outcome in achieving program goals, we have developed five major learning dimensions. There are rubrics created for these five dimensions to evaluate students’ progress in their senior year.

Outcome #1 Students will develop global aesthetic sense.

Students will gain insight into how to perceive the global world around them visually and to be able to reflect on how things “look”.

Students will:

  • learn how different cultures look at the world (ART1107, ART1108);
  • learn how to analyze works of art from  various times and cultures (ART1107, ART1108);
  • learn to apply this knowledge to create their own unique art projects (ART1141, ART1151, ART1161) 

Outcome #2 Students will develop the ability to use a variety of art materials and art techniques.

Students gain insight into the use of materials, traditional and/or technological.

Students will:

  • learn to use a variety of the materials (ART1141, ART1151, ART1161).
  • apply new knowledge to generate new creative approaches to making art

Outcome #3 Students will develop problem solving skills.

As a piece of “art” does not automatically “happen” and must be worked on over time (moved, changed, taken through a process), the development of problem solving skills can be applied to work and/or life situations.

Students will:

  • learn to solve problems in the process of creating art and the study of art history
  • apply the knowledge of problem solving to other areas of work and life

Outcome #4 Students will develop the ability to assess a situation and decide on the appropriate art strategies to use.

Students will:  

  • develop the ability to create a painting, drawing, print, website, and document;
  • develop the ability to assemble the materials and acquire the methods to complete a project.

Outcome #5 Students will develop critical thinking skills through the medium of art and the study of art history.

Students will develop the ability to take constructive criticism and learn to critique art works:

  • through the study of different periods of art history, they will be able to critique and analyze works of art;
  • as a result of their experiences in taking courses in the art program through the courses they take, they will gain the ability to take constructive criticism and  learn how to use constructive criticism for their benefit.