Art Program Degree Requirements

B.A. in Art requires to complete 42 credits of course work in art, 53 credits of College General Education requirements, 15 in Min/Sac and 16 in Free Electives. Each of the separate concentrations has groups of required courses in its areas of specialization.

The required courses in art are designed to provide students interested in the visual arts with a strong foundation program of 24 credits in drawing, design, color and art history. Additionally, in the senior year, a 6-credit senior project and seminar are required for the degree. The remaining 18 credits (for a total of 42) may be taken in a variety of art electives, as well as required courses for the concentrations.

B.A. in Fine Arts

For more information about the Art degree or curriculum, please contact

Renee Griffiths
Secretary, Fine Arts
Voice: 201-692-2801