The Metropolitan Art Program emphasizes critical thinking as well the integration of research and knowledge into a practical and applied visual language.  Students may select a focus on one of our concentrations (studio arts, computer graphic arts, or arts management) or a more general degree by choosing among all areas.  It provides an excellent grounding for professions as diverse as law, medicine, and business. In addition, the major prepares students for advanced graduate study in art history, architecture, and cultural studies. It also serves as the foundation for careers in teaching, arts administration, museums, galleries, historic preservation, art libraries, publishing, journalism, advertising, art conservation, and art investment. As the world becomes increasingly flooded with images, critical visual "reading" and “producing” skills become more and more important for a wide variety of careers.

Studio Course offerings include:

  • Painting & Drawing allows students to approach the discipline as language and to explore issues of media and content.
  • Printmaking offers students an opportunity to think of images in terms of multiples and emphasizes skill and technique.
  • Sculpture and ceramics introduces students to 3 dimensional thought processes and concepts.
Computer Graphic Arts course offerings bring students up to date with new computer and networking technology. We have a strong stress on design and aesthetic issues for the new media.
  • Digital Photography and Video involve students and faculty in a vigorous investigation into the nature and meaning of the art of photography and video in contemporary culture.  
  • Desktop Publishing offers a unique opportunity to learn print production using design layout programs such as Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. It combines design with technical issues such as color space and color systems, separations, and trapping.  
  • Web and Interactive Design has its focus on the internet as a destination for interactive Websites and CD multimedia projects using Flash and Dreamweaver. It offers a rich multimedia experience with interactivity, video, sound, and animation.

For more information about the Art degree or curriculum, please contact

Renee Griffiths
Secretary, Fine Arts
Voice: 201-692-2801