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Run-on Sentences

Find and fix the errors in the text below.

The Advantages of Growing Up In A Large Family

     What is a large family? My definition of a large family is a couple with more than one child. There is a big difference between a large and small family.

     I was born into a family of nine children, including me, I was lucky to be the last child. I never got bored in my home unlike the small family, I always had my siblings to talk and play with. I wasn’t having much problems in school because I always had someone to help me out.

     Coming from a large family make’s one capable of having a good interactive relationship with people in the outside world, because of the knowledge that has been acquired from ur siblings, that is not the case with someone who comes from a small family, he/she has no one to give advice on how to interact, except in school or through the parents, so they become ignorante of so many things.

     Growing up in a large family demands a lot of competition, you always want to be the best so as to get your parents attention. Doing this sometimes causes jealousy in the home, because one feels the others is much more successful than the other and all the attention has been given to the successful, it becomes a big problem in the home. This is not a problem for one who’s from a small family, the attention is already on the child.

     Just like I said earlier, there is a big difference between small and large family, there’s one thing our parents with the large family should remember, everyone should be treated equally so as to have peace in the family.


Transition Words

    Transition words illustrate the logical connections between concepts contained in an essay. There is no doubt that academic essay style is greatly improved by the use of well connected facts and opinions. Most students do not use transition words very often. Moreover, some of these are so commonly used that they are not very interesting and make the writer sound uncreative.

     A notable example of a weak writing style is that many students start body paragraphs with first, second, third. Others use to begin with, further, however, or also. These are acceptable, but not very exciting. Some more formal, academically more appropriate choices are similarly, moreover, subsequently, furthermore, undoubtedly, equally important, nevertheless, consequently, despite this or that, on the contrary, and therefore.

    Similarly, another overused phrase is for example. Using some examples are is an improvement. Even more interesting replacements for this are specifically, to illustrate, or an illustration of this is.

    Of equal importance, well written conclusions can start with a wide variety of interesting choices. In conclusion is acceptable, but overused. Some more academic phrases are retrospectively, generally, collectively, unequivocally, given these facts, as has been said or noted, to put it briefly, as a result, as we have seen, as mentioned earlier, in any event, in other words, on the whole, therefore, to summarize, and undoubtedly.

     To put it briefly, using these words and phrases will create a good impression on your readers. Your writing style will reflect a disciplined way of organized thinking that is highly valued by sophisticated readers.