Academic Integrity

The Writing Program takes academic integrity very seriously.  We strongly recommend that instructors ask students to sign a contract at the beginning of each semester, which states that the student has read the university’s academic integrity policy (copies of the contract can be found in the Student Guidebook).  We also recommend the regular use of SafeAssign, plagiarism detection software offered by the university through WebCampus.  See the Director of Writing for SafeAssign training.

Most importantly, we take very seriously the task of teaching students citation and documented evidence.  By introducing them to MLA format, research, and engagement with sources, the composition sequence prepares students for responsible entry into the world of discourse.

If any Writing Program faculty member discovers a student has committed an act of academic dishonesty, he/she should consult with the university’s policy for possible sanctions to impose.  He/She should also consult with the Director of Writing for templates of letters and other information used by past Writing instructors.

FDU’s Academic Integrity Policy can be found at: