University College Educational Planning Committee (CEPC)

NOTE: No documents will be reviewed if submitted later than 2 weeks before the meeting


The College Educational Planning Committee (CEPC) consists of seven faculty members that are elected by the faculty of University College for a term of two years. Its Chairperson is elected by members of the Committee. Among the Committee’s responsibilities, as detailed within the Faculty Handbook (Section VI. 2.4.2), is the review of “recommendations for the introduction, improvement, modification, or elimination of academic programs, curricula, and courses.” While not limited to, the majority of the Committee’s activities involve the review of new course and program proposals. The Committee meets on a monthly basis as posted within the CEPC Meeting Schedule.

Proposal Submission Process

In the interest of facilitating the timely review and action of all proposals, faculty members are requested to complete the Proposal Submission Form online. Following the prompts on the Proposal Submission Form, the faculty member shall check the appropriate boxes that relate to their proposal and where applicable, attach the requisite documents such as a course syllabus, a memo explaining the nature of the proposal, and/or the Course Authorization Form(CAF) or Program Authorization Form (PAF).

Where a Course Authorization Form (CAF) or Program Authorization Form (PAF) and before the proposal is submitted, it is important that the School Director review the proposal, sign it (electronically), and return it to the faculty member making the proposal. This is to ensure that the proposal has been reviewed by the Director so as to ensure accuracy, continuity, and accountability.

Once the form has been submitted, electronic copies of the proposal will be automatically forwarded to the Chairperson of the CEPC, and the Associate Dean who serves in an ex-officio capacity to the Committee. After it been sent and received by the Chairperson and Dean, the sender will receive an email acknowledging that the proposal has been received by Chairperson and Associate Dean.

In addition to providing a memorandum detailing the nature of proposal, it is requested that a faculty representative(s) attend the meeting of the CEPC when the proposal is under consideration; this will ensure that any questions or concerns raised by members of the committee can be answered and clarified, thus providing for the expeditious action and recommendation of the proposal.

In order to provide members of the Committee the necessary time and due diligence to properly review all the pertinent documents, it is requested that proposals be submitted at least two in advance of its next regularly scheduled meeting. Once a recommendation is made by the Committee and acted upon by the Dean, the faculty member submitting the proposal and School Director will be notified electronically.  

Proposal Submission Form


Contact Information

Ben Freer
CEPC Chairperson
Phone Number: 201-692-2304

Janet Boyd, Ed.D.
Associate Interim Dean
Phone: 201-692-2328
Fax: 201-692-2729