Program Objectives and Outcomes

Educational Objectives:

The educational objectives of the Programs in Language, Culture, and Professional Advancement (PLCPA) align with the university mission of preparing global citizens. The successful completion of courses offered by PLCPA will enable, particularly international students, to:

  • Demonstrate English as another language (EAL) proficiency for academic as well as professional success in their field of studies.

  • Understand American culture and the sub-culture of the world of work.

Student Outcomes:

Students who successfully exit the English for Professional Success (EPS) courses offered by PLCPA will exhibit the following attributes and achievements, in which some are specifically identified as Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Goals. Some selected student outcomes include:

  • Write documents that present and evaluate information and opinion in a logical and analytic manner, incorporating research and documentation, and using style, grammar, mechanics, and format appropriate to an educated audience.

  • Carry out thorough and effective information search strategies using traditional print, digital, and internet sources, evaluate information accessed, and use this information along with existing knowledge to create something new.

  • Prepare and deliver effective oral presentations, incorporating suitable research and using presentation software, in a style appropriate to an educated audience.

  • Read and comprehend meaning, identify text structure, analyze relationships between ideas and think critically in order to be an effective reader in academic and professional environments.

  • Work collaboratively with cross-culturally diverse peers on a variety of tasks to accomplish a common goal.

  • Participate in online discussions on a variety of topics using appropriate vocabulary and register.

  • Understand the American culture and the world of work sub-culture.


“(Former Fall 2013 Student) [EPS] was the first time in my life that I did a presentation in front of so many people. It gave me courage and energy to show the best of me. I was very proud of our teamwork and myself. Also, I was very grateful that the EPS professors and instructors could provide such a great opportunity for us international students because from what I experienced in my country’s education we do not have this often.”

– Hongxi, China, Summer 2015

"EPS has taught me many things. Besides language, it has instilled in me the confidence to express myself. The classes made me think out of box and express myself without any hesitation of making mistakes. Even th[e] professor gave me great support in bringing out the real me.”

- Chandra, India, Spring 2015

"The group project made me understand and practice collaboration in a team with members from different cultures.  It is a wonderful experience."

--Jie, China, Spring 2013

"[In EPS] I learnt a lot about the American culture, why 'time is money' and also about the cultural and work ethics of this wonderful place. When I look back at the time I stepped into FDU, I see a finer and more refined me in terms of communicating in a casual and business environment."

 --Deepak, India, Fall 2010

"Through interesting activities like the online discussions and presentations, the course has really helped me improve my verbal and cognitive skills. Through argumentative essays I learned the art of debating, supporting and defending my point of view. Hence, I certainly feel that the EPS class has been extremely beneficial in honing my academic as well as practical application skills."

--Daksh, India, Spring 2012

"[The] EPS course definitely helped us to develop and apply critical thinking abilities… Since critical thinking is used in every aspect of business, EPS acted as a stepping stone in our MBA program."

--Ankur, India, Spring 2011