PLCPA Faculty and Staff

Administrative and Academic Staff of PLCPA

The Administrative and Academic Staff at the PLCPA come from diverse professional backgrounds, and are all exceptionally equipped to instruct on the topics of English For Occupational as well as Academic Purposes. Many members of our staff are fluent in multiple literacies, adding to our program’s ability to uniquely address the University’s Mission of Global Education. Some of the languages that our department speaks are listed below:

Bahasa Malaysia English
French Greek
Korean Portuguese

Our current staff is listed below:

Director, PLCPA

  • Mutiara Mohamad, Ed.D.

Assistant to the Director, PLCPA

  • Sabrina Scanlan

Academic Staff

“The best aspects of EPS were the class and the professors. EPS is the first [English] class that I have never felt pressured in. Even though there [was] a lot of work that needed to be done, I felt confident and positive because of the encouragement given by the teachers.”

- Robertio, Indonesia, Fall 2014

“If ever I would get a chance to interact with the forthcoming students of the university, I will surely [advise] them to take up this course as it helps to be more confident with the writing skills and helps to gain perfection which is mandatory for professional success."

– Dharti, India, Spring 2015

"I believe the EPS class has given me an opportunity to focus on my communication skills, something that I never had the opportunity to focus on before. It has taught me how to write business letters, essays and to communicate effectively and precisely."

-Deepa, India, Spring 2012

"There were a lot of activities which improve and prepare students for business life. Doing presentation in front of 60 people was a very good step to preparation for real life. A lot of students thought that the presentation is difficult and they can't do it, but the results were completely positive."

-Nawal, Saudi Arabia, Spring 2013

"Our professors taught us many things about New York City.  I [now know] more about the history of New York City.  When I saw a New Yorker on the street, I could understand the “The New York Minute.” I tried to use a different angle to see New York City.  I was not a tourist anymore." 

-Yehui, China, Fall 2012