Academic Support Workshop Schedule: Metro and Florham Campuses

English for Professional Success (EPS) students are required to fulfill, outside of their regular course meeting time, 720, 480, or 240 minutes of overall academic support in which 180, 120, or 60 minutes must be done as one-to-one tutoring.

Metropolitan Campus

Florham Campus

Approved workshops for Academic Support will be listed on the PLCPA's schedule of workshops and will be updated throughout the semester.

Workshop space is limited so arrive early and bring your ID. Be sure to ask for and complete your own EPS Academic Support Form.

EPS class helps international students to apply for jobs by teaching them the significant skills that they should have through showing them how to write a résumé. EPS class gives international students self-confidence.

--Haider, Iraq, Spring 2013

[We] got an opportunity to develop an understanding of the perspectives of students from different backgrounds and learn to function in a multicultural and multiethnic environment. I attribute the recent improvements of my social skills to our EPS class. Where, we worked in groups for our group projects; also did online discussions where we were encouraged to respond to a student from another country to understand their point of views on an issue and so on, that helped to develop our social skills as an individual.

--Ravi, India, Spring 2012