BS in Biz Admin

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Business Administration major is designed to offer students the opportunity to obtain a deeper yet still broad understanding of business administration by pursuing advanced studies in a range of selected disciplines. This major offers students the flexibility to choose from a variety of advanced business courses that suit their personal interests.

All students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program must complete the University and Business Core Curriculum in addition to the 21 credits listed below for Business Administration major without a concentration.

Business Administration BS without a Concentration

BS degree requirements for the Business Administration major

Students pursuing a business administration major without a concentration must complete 21 credits of business major courses as follows:

Required courses, 3 credits

MIS4307 Introduction to E-business OR
MIS4303 Spreadsheet Applications in Business

Major elective courses, 3 credits each

Select 18 credits among the business major courses offered by the other Silberman College of Business majors (provided that course prerequisites have been met). No more than 9 of these credits can be taken in any given discipline.

Optional concentrations

Students may choose to complete the Business Administration major without a concentration, or they may choose to complete the Business Administration major with a concentration in either:

  • Information Systems (Four of the required courses are only offered on the Metropolitan Campus.)
  • International Business
  • Sustainability Management

Information Systems Concentration, 21 credits

Required courses:

Select three elective business courses

Courses chosen from any permissible courses offered in other Silberman College of Business majors. Permissible means the student has satisfied all prerequisites for any course in which he/she wishes to enroll.

International Business Concentration, 21 credits

Required courses, each 3 credits:

Two 3-credit electives:

Select two elective courses from any permissible major courses offered in the other Silberman College of Business majors.

Sustainability Management Concentration, 21 credits

Required courses:


Students with specific questions about the major requirements should contact the advisor on their home campus.

Attend an Information Session:
Florham Campus, October 25, 5:30-7pm in the Orangerie
Metro Campus, October 27, 5:30-7pm, Admissions Room, Dickinson Hall Lobby


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Prospective Students:

For more information contact:

Silberman College of Business
Undergraduate Services Office

Janette Shurdom
Assistant Dean Undergraduate Programs & Student Services
(V) 201-692-2135
(F) 201-692-7209

Current Students:

For information or questions regarding your program please contact the advisor on your campus:

Florham Campus
Center for Business Students-Advising Office
The Mansion, First Floor, room 6
(V) 973-443-8800
(F) 973-443-8808

Jennifer Page
Advising Counselor
Janet Rapisardi
Advising Counselor
Linda Salavarria
Advising Counselor

Metropolitan Campus
Academic Advisement Center
Robison Hall, Room 30
(V) 201-692-2339
(F) 201-692-2233

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