Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Equip yourself with Silberman's forward-thinking Business Administration major to be a sought-after graduate. You may choose to complete the Business Administration major with or without an area of concentration. The Business Administration major gives you the option to focus on an area of concentration by taking advanced business courses that help define your skill set.

All students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program must complete the University and Business Core Curriculum in addition to the credits listed below your Business Administration major degree option.

BS in Business Administration Without a Concentration

BS Degree Requirements for the Business Administration Major

Students pursuing a business administration major without a concentration must complete 21 credits of business major courses as follows:

Required Courses, 3 Credits
MIS4307 Introduction to E-Business OR
    MIS4303 Spreadsheet Applications in Business

Major Elective Courses, 3 Credits Each
Select 18 credits among the business major courses offered by the other Silberman College of Business majors (provided that course prerequisites have been met). No more than 9 of these credits can be taken in any given discipline.

Optional Concentrations for BS in Business Administration

Information Systems Concentration, 21 credits

Required Courses
(Four of the required courses are only offered on the Metropolitan Campus.)
MIS4301 Data Communications & Networks
MIS4303 Spreadsheet Applications in Business
MIS4304 Database Applications in Business
MIS4305 Systems Analysis, Design & Implementation

Select Three Elective Business Courses
Courses chosen from any permissible courses offered in other Silberman College of Business majors. Permissible means the student has satisfied all prerequisites for any course in which he/she wishes to enroll.

International Business Concentration, 21 credits

The B.S. in Business Administration with International Business concentration prepares you to understand and effectively participate in the management of business firms operating in a multinational environment. Courses examine in depth theories and applied concepts relevant to conducting business in a competitive global arena.

Required Courses, Each 3 Credits
IBUS3201 Fundamentals of International Business
MKTG3371 Principles of International Marketing
MGMT3371 Concepts of International Management
ECON4208 International Trade
MIS4307 Introduction to E-Business OR
    MIS4303 Spreadsheet Applications in Business

Two 3-Credit Electives
Select two elective courses from any permissible major courses offered in the other Silberman College of Business majors.

Sustainability Management Concentration, 21 credits

The B.S. in Business Administration with Sustainability Management concentration provides you with a clear understanding of sustainability concepts and the disciplines needed to develop creative, adaptive solutions to pressing organizational and societal issues at local and global levels. The program fosters understanding about what determines the sustainable well being of human institutions, organizations, cultures and technologies in different environments. It is comprised of sustainability-oriented business courses from the management, economics, finance, marketing, decision sciences and entrepreneurship disciplines. Students is work on real world challenges using various approaches. A focus is placed on existing and emerging sustainability career paths, as a sustainability mindset and familiarity with the basics of sustainability become essential for virtually every career.

Required Courses
MGMT3400 Managing Sustainability in the Global Context
SUST3500 Environmental Economics
MKTG3501 Marketing for a Sustainable World
DSCI3502 Achieving Supply Chain Sustainability
FIN3503 Finance, Value and Sustainability
MGMT3504 Becoming an Effective Sustainability Agent
ENTR4500 Sustainability Management Capstone: Social Venturing OR
    ENTR4501 Guided Entrepreneurship in Social Venturing

For More Information

Prospective Students

Contact Janette Shurdom, Assistant Dean Undergraduate Programs & Student Services, 201-692-2135.

Current Students

For information or questions regarding your program please contact the advisor on your campus.

Florham Campus
Center for Business Students - Advising Office, The Mansion, First Floor, Room 6; 973-443-8800
Jennifer Page, Advising Counselor
Janet Rapisardi, Advising Counselor
Linda Salavarria, Advising Counselor

Metropolitan Campus
Academic Advisement Center, Robison Hall, Room 30, 201-692-2339
Rachel D. Murphy, Director