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Bachelor of Science in Management

The major in management is designed for students who wish to develop the interpersonal and management skills they can use starting with their first professional job, as well as developing a long-term perspective and value system which will serve them their entire careers.

Management Department Course Offerings Emphasize

• An approach to classroom instruction that engages the student in the learning process
• Concentration on knowledge and skill sets that are practical and useable
• A global perspective that emphasizes ethics and long-term sustainable business practices
• The use of team-based teaching and learning

It is Our Goal That Our Management Majors Will

• Receive solid conceptual grounding in management disciplines
• Develop competencies to become highly effective individually and with others
• Develop and demonstrate these competencies with hands-on learning, including work on real-world projects and service to the community
• Undergo rigorous assessment of their overall accomplishments
• Enter a fast track to successful and rewarding careers

Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree

Students pursuing a BS in Management will be required to choose a concentration in either Human Resources or Leadership. To attain a BS in Management, students must take four required management courses in addition to three courses from either concentration shown in the table below.

All students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program must complete the University and Business Core Curriculum in addition to the major requirements listed below.

21-Credit Management Major Requirements

Required Courses
MGMT3371 International Management
MGMT3700 Human Resource Management
MGMT3100 Managerial Ethics
MGMT3610 Leading Teams

Concentrations (choose three courses from one of the concentrations below)

HRM Concentration Courses

Leadership Concentration Courses

MGMT4730 Strategic HRM (required)

MGMT3620 Leadership and Personal Development

MGMT3710 Strategic Staffing

MGMT3400 Managing Sustainability in the Global Context

MGMT3720 Training, Development and Performance Management

MGMT4640 Managing Projects and Organizations

MGMT4499 Internship in HRM (can replace either MGMT3710 or MGMT3720)

MGMT4498 Internship in Management (can replace MGMT3620 Leadership and Personal Development or  MGMT3400 Managing Sustainability in the Global Context)

NOTE: Students with specific questions should contact the advisor on their home campus.

More Information

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