Why study Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Science Program Learning Goals


Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • identify, understand and defend the importance of resolving ethical dilemmas in business situations. (Ethical Awareness goal)

  • utilize appropriate quantitative and/or qualitative tools, information and data to make business decisions that are consistent with the firm’s goals and competitive strategy. (Business Decision Making goal)

  • demonstrate knowledge of the global business environment and its influence on business decisions and operations. (Global and Multicultural goal)

  • utilize information technology and technology-based productivity research tools to enhance their business decision-making. (Technology Competence goal)

  • communicate effectively and to make appropriate professional presentations to various organizational stakeholders. (Communication goal)

  • read and understand the information conveyed in financial statements and how it can be used in project and business valuation. (Reporting and Valuation goal)