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Frequently Asked Questions about the Accounting Accelerated Degree Program

Q:  Is the GRE or GMAT required for graduate admission?

A:  The GMAT is generally required of all applicants to graduate programs in the Silberman College of Business. However, various exceptions are available for the MS in Taxation program (click here). In addition, the GMAT is waived for SCB students having a GPA of 3.2 or higher upon completion of the first semester of their junior year (and 3.5 for other FDU students) under the 4+1 program. A GRE score can be accepted in lieu of a GMAT score.

Q: Is there any tuition break for students who join the 4 + 1 program in their fifth year ?

A: Yes, students may be eligible for a 40% tuition discount in their fifth year.

Q:  Does the University require original documents?

A:  All documents, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, test scores and bank statements must be originals or notarized copies. In addition, notarized or attested English translations of foreign transcripts are required. Facsimiles (faxes), scanned documents or photocopies are not acceptable. Once submitted, all documents become the property of the University and cannot be returned.

Q:  I only have a three-year bachelor’s degree. Can I apply for admission to a master’s degree program?

A:  A minimum of four years of undergraduate study, or the equivalent, is required for admission.

Q:  What are the requirements needed to be met in order to sit and get licensed for the NJCPA exam?

ACandidates who graduated after July 1, 2000 may sit for the exam with a Bachelors degree earned at a regionally accredited University and 120 semester hours. However, these candidates are required to meet 150 semester hours to be licensed. See more information concerning the NJCPA exam.

In Sep 2015, New Jersery adopted new regulations. Effective July 1, 2017, candidates will need to have completed 24 accounting credits and 24 business credits to sit for the CPA exam.

Q:  Does the BS/MS program satisfy the CPA exam requirements?

A:  YES. The BS/MS program meets the current CPA exam education requirement for New Jersey for students that have an undergraduate degree in business. For students who do not have an prior business courses, additional buisness courses are required. New Jersery requires canditates for the CPA exam to have 24 accounting credits and 24 business credits.