Undergraduate Programs in Business

Business Majors

A business degree will make you valuable to almost any company in the world, when it comes from a University that recognizes the importance of global commerce. You can major in:

Business students whose primary major is within the Silberman College of Business can also elect to pursue a minor in any of the five discipline-based business major areas. More information regarding minors offered and course requirements.

Accelerated Programs

Silberman College of Business offers the combined BS-MS in Accounting and the opportunity to earn waiver credits towards MBA Foundation courses. Interested students should follow the guidelines outlined in the MBA program Waiver Policy.

Transfer Students

Each year, we welcome many students to our business programs who began their college education at other schools. Transfer students will find that they easily blend into our programs and university community. We're excited to help you get started.

Minor in Business Administration for Non-Silberman Students

Students whose primary major is outside the Silberman College of Business can elect to pursue a Minor in Business Administration. Completion of six courses (18 credits) will allow students to have a minor recorded on their transcripts and an important addition to their resumes.

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Prospective Students:

For more information contact:

Silberman College of Business
Undergraduate Services Office

Janette Shurdom
Assistant Dean Undergraduate Programs & Student Services
(V) 201-692-2135
(F) 201-692-7209

Current Students:

For information or questions regarding your program please contact the advisor on your campus:

Florham Campus
Center for Business Students-Advising Office
The Mansion, Lower Level
(V) 973-443-8800
(F) 973-443-8808

Jennifer Page
Advising Counselor
Janet Rapisardi
Advising Counselor
Linda Salavarra
Advising Counselor

Metropolitan Campus
Academic Advisement Center
Robison Hall, Room 30
(V) 201-692-2339
(F) 201-692-2233

Rachel D. Murphy