MBA - Program Learning Goals

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Understand the ethical implications of business decisions on society and the environment. (Ethical Awareness)

  • Be forward-looking leaders who guide and influence individuals and teams to create and develop sustainable organizations. (Leadership)

  • Make ethical business decisions that utilize appropriate quantitative and/or qualitative analyses, information and data to further the attainment of the firm’s goals and competitive strategies. (Decision Making)

  • Function in a global, multicultural business environment. (Global and Multicultural)

  • Inspect, evaluate and integrate information technology (and technology-based information sources) to handle business situations and problems. (Technology Sophistication)

  • Communicate effectively, make appropriate professional presentations and understand the role that communication plays in the business environment, internally and externally. (Communication)

  • Read and understand information conveyed in financial statements and can use that information in to evaluate the business and value businesses and projects. (Reporting and Valuation


Spring Graduate Information Session dates:
Tuesday, March 21,Florham Campus, 6-8pm
Thursday, April 20, Metro Campus, 6-8pm
Thursday, May 11, Florham Campus, 6-8pm
Tuesday, June 6, Metro Campus, 6-8pm

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