MBA Information Systems Specialization

The program is for professionals seeking to improve their skills in managing people and organizational systems. It is designed to build skills in leadership, team building and motivation of the workforce. The program builds knowledge of how business strategy affects organizational interaction with the marketplace and how to structure the workplace to enhance organizational growth and productivity.

Managing data and information has become crucial to the operation and decision-making of every business, thus is the focus of our curriculum for the Information Systems specialization. This curriculum allows students to explore both technical and managerial issues on these topics under the guidance of our faculty members who are experts in data and information management.

Career Opportunities in Information Systems

MBA students with a specialization in information systems will find their degree of value to a wide range of firms operating in today's global environment. A report by the McKinsey Global institute in 2011 projected that the US needs 140,000 to 190,000 more workers with deep analytical experience and 1.5 million more data-literate managers.

MBA Information Systems graduates can perform the following broad roles within an organization:
• Sytems Analyst – Addressing information systems issues, and developing systems
• Supporting Expert – Helping to align corporate and information system strategies
• Agent of Change – Determining optimal strategies to manage the change introduced by novel information technologies which affect structures, tasks, and people within an organization

Degree Requirements

All students enrolled in the MBA program must complete the MBA Core Curriculum in addition to their specialization requirements listed below.

Specialization Requirements (10 Credits)

Required Courses

MIS6716 E-Commerce Principles and Technologies
MIS6721 Database Management for Business
MIS6836 Business Intelligence for Managers
MIS6841 Information Security Management

Elective (Choose One)

MIS6800 Graduate Independent Study
MIS7131 Business Information Systems Development
MIS7236 Data Mining
MIS7341 Accounting Information Systems
MIS7356 Strategic Information Systems
MIS7671 Information Systems Project

For More Details

Contact Dr. Wang, Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences Chair, at 973-443-8873 or e-mail for further information.