Frequently Asked Questions

What are the learning objectives of the MBA program?

Please consult the Program Overview section of our website.

How much does it cost to complete the MBA Program?

The Program Costs section of our website has detailed information.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The MBA program is a 42 credit program. Full time is 10 credits per semester

What is the waiver policy for the MBA Program?

The MBA Program is 42 credits, but it is possible to waive as many as 12 foundation credits with grades of B or better within the last 5 years from an AACSB accredited college or university within the United States. Once you are accepted into the program, your transcript is reviewed to determine whether any foundation courses are eligible for waiver. For more information regarding waiver credits please visit the Waiver Policy and Procedures section of our website.

How do I apply for scholarships? What is the deadline to apply?

Please consult the Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities site of our website.

When do classes meet?

Classes generally meet once a week, from 6:00-9:10pm and 1:00pm-4:10pm (Metro campus only) for a eight week period. Classes may also be scheduled on Saturday, depending on the program.

What is the class size?

Classes are seminar-style and for that reason are kept small. Classes are consistently limited to less than 25 students.

How do I register for classes?

New students are notified concerning registration procedures by the Graduate Advising Office. Continuing students receive advanced registration privileges. This advanced registration begins in April for summer and fall terms and mid-Novemeber for spring and winter terms. Students may register in person with a graduate advisor, or register on their own using WebAdvisor. For more information regarding web registration click here.

Late Registration - Students registering after the first week of any semester will be required to have written permission from the instructor to register.

NOTE:  Students requesting a late registration into a Silberman College of Business course should write a formal memo to the Graduate Program Director providing an explanation for their delay in enrolling and attach it to the registration form (or closed course authorization card, if applicable see below). Please be advised that writing the memo does NOT guarantee the late registration will be approved.

What if a class I want to take is closed?

Students may petition to be admitted into a closed course by contacting the department which offers the class. If permission is granted, the student must have an authorized signature on a Closed Course Authorization Card which can be obatined in either Graduate Advising Office location.

How do I take a leave of absence or withdraw from the University?

A leave of absence allows a student to interrupt their graduate studies if necessary. MBA students are permitted two one-semester leaves of absence. The total time to complete the degree is seven calendar years, excluding leaves of absence. A complete withdrawal from the University can also be requested on the same form.

IMPORTANT - Any student who interrupts their studies without receiving an approved leave of absence will be required to reapply to the program and will be subject to the requirements and policies in effect at the time of readmission.

If I withdraw from a class, how do I get a refund?

Any alteration of a student's schedule must be made in writing, with the student's signature, to the Office of Enrollment Services. Forms to delete a course(s) are available in the Graduate Advising Office. Only those alterations with an effective date prior to the first day of the semester will be accorded a 100 percent refund of tuition or a cancellation of 100 percent of the tuition due to the University. For a full refund schedule please consult the Graduate Studies Bulletin.

Note - To receive a full refund for a Saturday class, a request must be made by the Friday prior to the first Saturday class.

What areas of specialization are available after completing the MBA Program?

At FDU, we offer Post-MBA Certificates in one of the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Finance International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Pharmaceutical Management

Please visit the Post-MBA Certificate Program page for more information.