Domestic Students

Admitted Graduate Students - Important Information

Congratulations! Welcome to the Silberman College of Business!


First Time Registration

IMPORTANT: All recently admitted graduate business students need to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor for orientation and class registration. Please email Courtney Chambers on the Florham Campus ( or Gina Murray, Ph.D. ( on the Metro Campus, to schedule your appointment.


Post Orientation Things to Do

  • Sign up for your University E-Mail Account. Follow this link to Webmail, click on Create New Account and follow the instructions.
  • Complete Adult and Graduate Admission Immunization Requirements form and return to Wellness Center. You have a 90 day grace period to return the form. If after 90 days the form is not returned, you will be placed on Medical Hold and will not be able to register.
  • Apply for your student ID and parking permit at Public Safety. Please call to see if someone is available to process IDs (Florham Campus: 973 443 8888/Metro Campus: 201 692 2222). You will need your drivers license, car registration, insurance card, and proof of registration to obtain your parking permit.
  • Purchase books at the campus bookstore (Florham Campus: 973 443 8656/Metro Campus: 201 692 2093), or


Course Information

Evening Courses

Fall & Spring semesters meet for two 8 week sessions one night a week
Summer session (2) meets two nights a week for 6 weeks

            Fall & Spring semesters have 2 modules
            Summer I and Summer II  have one module each session

Proficiency Exams

  • Students who have been granted permission to take any proficiency exams must take the exams within their first semester.
  • Study guides are available
  • The fee for each examination can be found at Graduate Tuition and Fees.
  • Students are permitted to take an examination one time only for a course.
  • The completed exams are prepared and evaluated by each department on a pass/fail basis. Examination results will be mailed to the student. Because of confidentiality laws, no results can be given over the phone.
  • Exams are offered once during the fall, spring and summer semesters.
  • Courses for which proficiency exams may be taken include:
    • Accounting
    • Economic Analysis
    • Fundamentals of Finance
    • Managing Organizations in a Dynamic World
    • Marketing Concepts
    • Statistical Data Analysis
  • For more info, visit Proficiency Exam webpage.


Important General Information

Academic Load:

  • Full time - 10 credits or more
  • Part time - minimum 4.5 credits


There are no C- or D grades in the graduate school. If a course is failed and repeated the two grades will be computed into the CGPA.

Student who receive an F in a class will be required to repeat that course in the next semester in which the course is offered and earn no less than a grade of B.

Grade Point Average:

You must maintain an average of 3.0 or better. A student who completes 9 or more credits with a CGPA of less than 3.0 will be placed on academic probation. If at the completion of an additional 9 credits the CGPA is still below 3.00, the student will be subject to suspension or dismissal.
Please Note: A student who is suspended has a right to apply for readmission, however, a student who has been dismissed may not apply for readmission.

Completing the Program:

You have 7 years to complete your program.

Leave of Absence:

If you do not attend for Fall or Spring semester, you must file for a leave of absence. A leave of absence form can be obtained at either advising office location or at the Fact Sheets/Forms section of the MBA advisement website.

Students requesting a leave of absence must be in good academic standing. If they are not, their leave of absence will be denied and they will be required to apply for readmission upon their return.


Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistants are full-time graduate students that provide administrative support to the Silberman College of Business. Students work for 20 hours a week and receive nine credits of graduate tuition. For more information please go to the Graduate Assistantship section of the website.