MS in Taxation Student Testimonials

Graduates of the MS in Taxation program talk about the value of the degree, and the benefits of earning their degree at Silberman College of Business:

"I found the FDU MS in Taxation program to be the consistently best graduate program I have ever attended. My professional designations include both a CPA and a CFP and my educational background includes an MBA and an Advanced Professional Certificate. The FDU tax program has been the finest educational program I have ever experienced."
– Brad Hoogstra

"Learning from practicing tax attorneys increases your comprehension level, especially when the professors expand on the subject material with personal experiences."
– Michael Imparato

"When I was enrolled in the Masters in Tax program at FDU, I did not understand the true value of the program. I took the courses because I enjoyed taxation and the faculty. It was only when I found a position in corporate income taxation that I started realizing the benefits of the program. It took me to places I could not have envisioned. The faculty was outstanding and the program was rigorous. It prepared me for the real world. Every course in corporate income taxation – which I currently specialize in – has added value to my work and will continue to do so. I recommend the FDU program to anyone considering a career in taxation."
– Faizur Bakshi

"The FDU MS in Taxation program gave me an excellent opportunity to expand my working knowledge in Federal taxation. The study was practical and helped me in my public accounting profession. The Saturday program made it easier to obtain the degree while working." 
– Mark L. Gittelman

"If you want a career in the tax profession you need to supplement your practical experience with the knowledge and insight offered by the professors of FDU. The program is an excellent opportunity to refine your abilities and expand your skills as a tax professional. I highly recommend the program."
– John Martine

"I had been out of school for 30 years and was a bit apprehensive about entering the MS in Taxation program. The professors created a relaxed atmosphere that was very conducive to learning and I quickly realized I had come to the right place. While the formal instruction was exceptional, I particularly enjoyed the open class discussions with fellow students. There always seemed to be students in each class who volunteered personal experiences related to the subject matter. The Professors were receptive to such practical input and it added to the learning experience. I met many fine Tax Professionals of all ages in the classes I attended and have continued to keep in touch with several to "talk tax". It's a great program. It's not easy, but you'll really feel you've accomplished something special when you complete it." 
– Jack Shalaida

"I’m a CPA in a multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporation with a financial accounting background, involved in external financial reporting, technical accounting research and policy. At first, I was a bit intimidated by the program and the complexities of taxation, feeling a bit out of my element. While the workload was heavy and requirements intense, it disciplined me to be a much more careful reader. The program requires getting right down into the code, the regulations, rulings, and court cases making it feel more like being in law school. The professors are outstanding and dedicated to teaching students. They have an in-depth level of practical knowledge and are not merely career college professors." 
– Jack Markey

"The program is an invaluable tool for anyone who has a tax and/or a consulting practice. You can gear the elective courses to your field of expertise (or future field of expertise). Whether seeking a degree or just CPE credits, you will not find better CPE around. Although the Saturday courses run 10 weeks, the knowledge gained from the courses is better than any one or two day course."
J. Syseskey

"I believe the M.S. Taxation program at Fairleigh Dickinson University is very challenging and rewarding. I find the professors are dedicated professionals who are always eager to provide whatever possible assistance to the students. This dedication helps to motivate me and other students to strive for higher academic excellence"
Suan Nguyen

"I would say that when I was deciding between Fairleigh Dickinson, Rutgers, and Seton Hall, I chose Fairleigh because I was told that a great deal of tax professionals in New Jersey are Fairleigh Dickinson MST graduates. I have worked with three alumni so far and they are people that tend to succeed. Two have reached the VP level, without a law degree, and one is now a director with VP potential"
Sean Moran

“I started the program on the recommendation of a friend who told me the professors were excellent and I would learn a great deal. The program has exceeded any expectations I could have ever hoped for. The professors are outstanding and have a wealth of knowledge from years of practicing, which they readily share with the students. It is evident when a professor enters the classroom to teach, that he/she has dedicated a great deal of time outside the classroom in preparation for the classes. The work load is substantial but not overwhelming and is always covered thoroughly in the classes. The curriculum is diversified to accommodate different areas of taxation. The program taught me everything from the basic principles of taxation to the ability to research complex topics with confidence. The program is looked upon very favorably in the professional community. I can honestly say that I have received a first-rate education in taxation. I would recommend this program to anyone." 
Steve Delsordo

“I have been a Corporate Director of Taxes for fifteen years. Prior to that, I was a Corporate Controller of a multinational corporation. I felt that in addition to my MBA and CPA I should add an MST to "round-out" my credentials. I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of the program and the quality of instructors. All the professors, without exception, are highly qualified and dedicated professionals. All of the courses offered covered in depth the topics, and the presentation skills of the professors are excellent. Because of my experience in tax planning (both domestic and international), I selected the most difficult electives to round-out my tax education background. I am pleased to say that the extensive coverage of the difficult topics helped me a great deal with my tax planning and compliance activities. I have compared FDU's tax program with other MST programs offered in New York and New Jersey and, in my opinion, FDU's is by far the best in terms of intensity, coverage and presentation skills of its instructors. I highly recommend the program to any accountant or tax professional who wishes to progress in the field of taxation.”
– Charles Matrai, CPA