Register for Classes Online

Register for tax classes online via the Web Advisor System

In addition to registering for classes online, the Web Advisor system also allows you to access student information, such as registration activity, schedules, grades and financial aid information on the web.

The process should be relatively easy and straightforward.

In order to be able to access Web Advisor system, you must first have an FDU Webmail account in order to receive (by e-mail) your login and password to Web Advisor.

If you have not obtained an FDU Webmail account yet, please go to

If you need assistance or direction in creating a Webmail account you may contact the FDU Technical Assistance Center at 973-443-8822. You will need your student ID in order to obtain assistance.

Once you have successfully created a Webmail account, within 48 hours you will receive an e-mail with a login and a temporary pin number to access Web Advisor. After you initially log in to the Web Advisor, you will be prompted to assign yourself a permanent password.

If you have previously been assigned a Web Advisor password and ID but no longer remember the codes send an e-mail to

Once you have the password, log onto the WebAdvisor site and proceed to register and / or conduct other functions.

If you are having problems, e-mail
Keep in mind that you will not get a response when the University is closed. They should be responding at the first chance they get. Alternatively, you might want to contact the FDU Technical Assistance Center at 973-443-8822.

Please note that to be eligible to register on-line without any barriers, your student account must be current and free of any past due balance. If you have a ‘hold’ on your account, you will receive an error message and will not be able to finalize your registration.