MS in Taxation Prerequisite Courses

You must have completed five prerequisite courses before enrolling in the MS in Taxation. CPAs and accounting majors are typically able to waive four of the five prerequisite courses based on prior course work. The fifth course, Entity Taxation ACCT6606, is the course that they often wind up needing to take.

The five prerequisite courses are:

  1. Financial Accounting - 3 credits
  2. Individual Taxation - 3 credits ACCT6605 or ACCT4267
  3. Entity Taxation - 3 credits ACCT6606
  4. Business Law - 3 credits LAW6657
  5. Finance - 3 credit FIN3250 or FIN3310. Two credit courses, FIN5012 or FIN6012 may qualify.

A prerequisite course is waived if you have previously completed the course at FDU within the prior five years with a grade of B or better, or the equivalent thereof elsewhere with a grade of B or better within the previous five years, or you pass a comprehensive proficiency exam with a grade of 80 or higher. Waiver of older courses will be based on the review of the dept chair.

Some of the prerequisites may be taken concurrently with MST courses. Individual Taxation ACCT6605 or ACCT4267, must be completed before any MST classes can be taken. Entity taxation ACCT6606 should be taken as early as possible since this class is a specific prerequisite for several of the MST classes.