MS in Accounting Degree Requirements

Track A

This 30-credit program is for students who have the bachelor's degree or concentration in accounting and is designed to meet the 150-hour educational requirements for the New Jersey CPA Exam.

Required Courses (15 Credits)

ACCT6606 Federal Tax II
ACCT6680 Selected Accounting Topics
ACCT6682 Advanced Auditing
ACCT6690 Seminar: Accounting and Auditing Case Studies
LAW6657 Applied Business Law

Elective (15 Credits)

• One Accounting Elective
• Two Accounting or Tax Electives
• Two Graduate Business Electives* (6 credits)

*may be taken as two three-credit courses or three two-credit courses

Track B

This 30-credit program is designed for students who have not earned the bachelor's degree in accounting. The requirements for the NJ CPA examination have changed, effective as of June 2017. In addition to 24 credits of accounting courses, 24 credits of business courses are also required. Six credits of business courses are already included in this Track B program. Students without a buisiness background will need to take an additional 18 credits of business courses to sit for the NJ CPA exam.

Prerequisites (2 Credits)

ACCT5012 Financial Accounting, End-user Applications

Program Requirements (30 Credits)

ACCT6605 Federal Tax I
ACCT6606 Federal Tax II
ACCT6630 Intermediate Financial Accounting 1
ACCT6635 Intermediate Financial Accounting 2
ACCT6640 Advanced Financial Accounting
ACCT6617 Cost: Measurement, Planning and Control
ACCT6618 Auditing Concepts and Methods
ACCT6680 Selected Accounting Topics
FIN6020 Finance for Accountants*
LAW6657 Applied Business Law

NOTE: At least one undergraduate course in financial accounting is required for admission into the program. Students with comparable graduate coursework may request a waiver from the department chair.

*ACCT/TAX course may be substituted with documentation of equivalent finance class.