gradudate certificate

Graduate MBA Certificates

Refresh Your MBA

Whether you earned your MBA some years ago and want to update your skills, or need to broaden your knowledge in a new area of expertise, a Graduate Certificate provides the opportunity to:

  • Revitalize your skills
  • Reposition your résumé
  • Recharge your professional network

For more information, please call the Office of Graduate Program Development 973-443-8290.

FDU MBA Alumni Enjoy These Added Benefits

  • $100 per credit discount (a $1,200 savings)
  • No application fee
  • No additional steps – we’ll access your MBA transcript for you
  • Opportunity to renew your contacts at FDU

Graduate MBA Certificates Are Offered in Six Disciplines


For professionals seeking to learn accounting practices and procedures, including activity, based costing, budgeting, standart costing, break-even analysis, capital budgeting, process and activity decisions, leases and income taxes.


For professionals seeking knowledge in managing an organization's cash resources, financial planning, budgeting, creating matrices for enhancing shareholder value, setting investment and borrowing policies and managing an organization's banking relationships.

International Business

For business and government professionals seeking timely information about the ways and means of conducting business in specific geographic areas.


For professionals seeking to improve their people management skills. The program is designed to build skills in leadership, team building and motivation of the workforce in the light of current human resource demands. The program builds knowledge of how business strategy impacts on organizational interaction with the marketplace and how to structure the workplace to enhance organizational growth and productivity.


For managers and practitioners involved in charting the direction of an organization and contributing to product-market decisions that create and sustain competitive advantage and impact on long-term organizational performance. The program is designed to build skills in defining an organization's business, identifying organizational opportunities, formulating strategy in product pricing, distribution and promotions, and developing reformulation and recovery strategies.

Pharmaceutical Management Studies

For professionals interested in assuming a leadership role in managing the challenging issues in today's dynamic pharmaceutical industry. Courses emphasize exposure to the industry, government regulations, specialized marketing and managing within research and production-quality control environments.