GMAT Preparation (See reimbursement offer below)

Are You Concerned About Your Score on the GMAT?

Free* GMAT Test Preparation

The Sexton Test Preparation Program at Fairleigh Dickinson University offers the GMAT Preparation Course potentially at no cost to you.

*If you enroll in a Fairleigh Dickinson University MBA or MS Program as a fully matriculated student after completing the Sexton Preparation Course, a credit for the full cost of the tuition for the Sexton course will be applied to your first semester’s graduate tuition charge.

How Sexton Test Preparation Courses Differ From Others

  • Classes concentrate on the practical intellectual skills needed for achieving a good test score on a standardized test.
  • You are shown effective approaches to exam taking - from time-saving and problem-solving techniques to methods for using the test structure to your best advantage.
  • Sexton's "thinking-aloud" methods help to diagnose precisely any weaknesses in your approach and help you fix them on the spot.
  • You will get individual help the moment you need it while practicing with actual test items.

More Information

Please call (201) 692-6500 or (800) 338-3887