Marketing is the art and science of identifying, stimulating and satisfying customer wants and needs. Selling is a part of marketing, of course, but the most sophisticated marketing programs focus on more substantive objectives, such as building relationships and creating value. Besides everyday products and services, marketing can include the marketing of ideas, nations and social causes.

At FDU, marketing students acquire the practical skills and knowledge that will help make them successful marketers and business people. The faculty's expertise and experience encompasses specialty areas such as pricing and branding, a broad range of both consumer and industrial products and services, and international as well as American markets. At the same time, FDU marketing discipline faculty seek to give students a broad conceptual background that will give them a firm foundation to adapt to rapidly changing technology and an increasingly complex global business environment in the future.

Finally, marketing faculty emphasize the broad social and economic dimensions of marketing, striving to instill a sense of social responsibility in students and helping them understand the critical role that marketing plays in the American economy and in an American culture that can sometimes be obsessed with consumption.

Degree Tracks in Marketing

We offer a major in Marketing at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Please use the links below to explore the requirements:


Our faculty members serve as advisors to the student club, the American Marketing Association, operating at the Florham Campus.  At the Metropolitan Campus students are active in the Business Leaders of Tomorrow.